15 The Most Expensive Hotels You Can Find In London

Whether you’re living in the UK or just visiting, you have to go to London. It’s one of things everyone should do during their lifetime. Of course, as any other major city, London has a whole variety of hotels and accommodations to choose from. They range from exclusive and exquisite to simple and accessible. Here’s a list with some of London’s most expensive and most luxurious hotels.

1. The Bulgari.

Bulgari Hotel Residences London

The Bulgari Hotel & Residences London definitely deserves its spot in this top.It’s one of the city’s newest luxury hotels and the first one of its kind to be built in the capital in 40 years. It offers a total of 85 elegant rooms and suites, all featuring contemporary designs and only the finest materials.

Bulgari Hotel Residences London6

Bulgari Hotel Residences London1

Bulgari Hotel Residences London3

Bulgari Hotel Residences London2

Bulgari Hotel Residences London4

Bulgari Hotel Residences London5

2. The Four Seasons.

Four Seasons Hotel London1

Four Seasons Hotel London2

Four Seasons Hotel London3

Four Seasons Hotel London4

Four Seasons Hotel London5

Four Seasons Hotel London6

Four Seasons Hotel London7

The Four Seasons London is another legendary hotel for all those who seek luxury at its highest. The hotel has 192 rooms on 11 stories and they’re all elegant, modern and decorated with marble, walnut and great taste. The hotel’s guests can also spend time at the sauna, the vitality pool or the fitness center where they can unwind after a long trip.

3. The Charlotte Street Hotel.

Charlotte Street Hotel

Charlotte Street Hotel2

Charlotte Street Hotel3

Charlotte Street Hotel4

Stylish and artsy, the Charlotte Street Hotel is located in the center of London and it’s surrounded by pubs, bars and famous restaurants. The hotel only offers a total of 52 rooms and suites and thus it can be considered a boutique. Here you’ll be welcomed by the friendly staff who will take you to your spacious room. Then you’ll be able to enjoy all the other facilities and admire the skyline views.

4. The 45 Park Lane hotel.

45 Park Lane8

45 Park Lane1

45 Park Lane2

45 Park Lane3

45 Park Lane5

45 Park Lane6

45 Park Lane7

Contemporary and luxurious, 45 Park Lane is situated next door to the Dorchester. It’s sophisticated, chic and exclusive. It has 46 beautiful rooms with intimate interiors designed by Thierry Despont. The hotel was designed like a relaxing and inviting private residence, the goal being to make the guests feel welcomed and comfortable.

5. The Lanesborough.

The lanesborough st regis1

The lanesborough st regis2

The lanesborough st regis3

The lanesborough st regis4

The lanesborough st regis5

The lanesborough st regis6

The Lanesborough is a St. Regis hotel and it has an exclusive restaurant where three Michelin star-winning Chef Heinz Beck will prepare exquisite dishes for the hotel’s guests. With a total of 95 rooms and suites, the hotel features Victorian furniture and only the latest amenities. The contrast between old and new is prominent yet classy.

6. The Jumeirah Carlton Tower.

Jumeirah Carlton Tower4

Jumeirah Carlton Tower1

Jumeirah Carlton Tower2

Jumeirah Carlton Tower3

Offering some of the city’s best views, the Jumeirah Carlton Tower is an impeccable example of contemporary style. The hotel offers 220 rooms and suites on 18 floors, all views stunning views of central London. The top floor luxury suite is overlooking the garden of Cadogan Place and it also has a Jacuzzi spa bath and a luxurious interior.

7. The Covent Garden Hotel.

Covent garden hotel4

Covent garden hotel3

Covent garden hotel

Covent garden hotel1

Covent garden hotel2

Located in the heart of London’s theatre district, the Covent Garden is an elegant boutique hotel featuring a modern English interior décor. it has 58 guest rooms and suites, each with a unique style. The hotel’s library put at your disposal a large number of great books which you can read while relaxing in front of the fireplace. Of course, the modern amenities aren’t missing either.

8. The Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park

Mandarin oriental hyde park london

Mandarin oriental hyde park london1

Mandarin oriental hyde park london2

Mandarin oriental hyde park london3

Mandarin oriental hyde park london4

Mandarin oriental hyde park london5

The Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park is one of London’s most exclusive hotels. It offers stunning rooms and sumptuous suites. Each room is a one-of-a-kind, decorated with beautiful art, antiques and luxurious fabrics. Guests also have the possibility to enjoy of the most impressive dining experiences in two of London’s best restaurants.

9. The Corinthia Hotel.

Corinthia hotel london

Corinthia hotel london1

Corinthia hotel london2

Corinthia hotel london3

Corinthia hotel london4

Corinthia hotel london5

Corinthia hotel london6

Corinthia hotel london7

Located in the vicinity of cultural institutions such as the National Gallery or the Royal Opera House, this hotel offers a total of 294 guest rooms and suites. This makes it one of the most spacious hotels in the capital and, of course, it’s also one of the most luxurious. The rooms have high ceilings and they offer splendid views of the city.

10. The Savoy.

The savoy1

The savoy

The savoy3

The savoy6

The savoy4

The savoy5

The iconic Savoy hotel has been here since 1889. It has 268 rooms, suites and personality rooms, some of which have been enjoyed by famous names like Winston Churchill, Katherine Hepburn, and Claude Monet. And here’s another interesting detail: the hotel’s butlers are trained in its very own school, the first one of this kind. You can be certain that here the service is impeccable.

11. The Connaught.

Connaught hotel london

Connaught hotel london1

Connaught hotel london2

Connaught hotel london3

Connaught hotel london4

One of the city’s most distinguishable hotels, the Connaught offers comfort, privacy, great service and, of course, style. The hotel has 121 rooms and each comes with its own butler. Here you’ll find advice on places to visit, things to see and curiosities about London. Each guest is treated like royalty.

12. The Café Royal Hotel.

Cafe royal hotel london

Cafe royal hotel london1

Cafe royal hotel london5

Cafe royal hotel london2

Cafe royal hotel london3

Cafe royal hotel london4

This luxury hotel is situated between Mayfair and Soho and it’s a very glamorous landmark. The hotel offers 159 rooms and suites, all decorated with natural materials and great attention to detail. The guests get their private butler and they get to admire splendid views from their suites. There’s also plenty of room for entertainment at the hotel’s restaurants and bars.

13. The Ritz London.

The ritz london

The ritz london5

The ritz london6

The ritz london1

The ritz london2

The ritz london3

The ritz london4

Very imposing and sumptuous, the Ritz London makes every guest feel like royalty. The hotel offers impeccable service since 1906 and the guestrooms are furnished with original Edwardian leather desks, crustal pendant lamps, marble fireplace and silk headboards. Everything is glamorous here, even the business suites.

14. Brown’s Hotel.

Browns hotel4

Browns hotel5

Browns hotel

Browns hotel1

Browns hotel3

The sophisticated Brown’s Hotel can be found in Mayfair and it’s very elegant and charming. It offers 117 rooms, 29 suites and 2 royal suites. It’s surrounded by famous attractions and the guests are just minutes away from true English beauty and history. They can visit the hotel’s English Tea Room for a taste of Britain.

15. The Egerton House Hotel.

Egerton house hotel

Egerton house hotel1

Egerton house hotel2

Egerton house hotel3

Egerton house hotel4

Egerton house hotel5

The Egerton House Hotel can be found in Knightsbridge. Although it only has 28 rooms and suites, the hotel is extremely glamorous. Here you’ll be able to admire the original art of Picasso, Matisse and Toulouse-Lautrec while enjoying a tea. The rooms are luxurious and the services are splendid.