The luxury pop up breakfast trunk by Moynat Malletier

When you have the resources for a careless living you like to take advantage of them. Everything can be done in style when you can afford it. For example, even something spontaneous such as having breakfast somewhere other than in the comfort of your home can be reinvented. This is the lavish pop up trunk created by Moynat Malletier.

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The trunk is a new creation offered by the Groupe Arnault-owned heritage trunk and leather goods company. Even though it’s not a must0have in a home, the breakfast trunk can offer you a unique breakfast experience. As expected, this is luxury piece and it’s only available in few luxury hotels around the world. The breakfast trunk doesn’t have an overall opulent design. It’s rather simple and classical. However, there’s nothing ordinary about it.

The custom design trunk is equipped with everything you need in order to create your favorite breakfast. It includes designer carafes for juices, napkins and dishes and parmesan and truffle graters. It’s not something you would need for a casual breakfast experience. Moreover, the trunk includes a built-in gold gas burner and a specially designed pan. The trunk is crafted from birch wood and features storage space for ingredients in the back. The trunk is accompanied by its master, Yannick Alleno, the head chef of Le Meurice and it will soon check in in locations such as the Shangri-La hotel or the Royal Mansour. It’s an amazing and unique experience.{found on PSFK}.