The luxuriously renovated Relais Ca ‘Sabbioni hotel by FPA Franzina + Partners

The Relais Ca ‘Sabbioni hotel is located along the Brenta Canal. Even though the interior is definitely modern, the actual building was originally built in the 17th century. It was originally the residence of Gregory Barbarigo and Vescovo Francesco, bishop of Padua. The original building was a villa. The hotel was then built within this villa.

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The ancient structure was extensively renovated and remodeled. It was a project by FPA Franzina + Partners. The building has a lot of history and a long story behind it. This is one of the elements that make it unique. The architects managed to transform and update the building while also preserving its original charm. It was a challenging and difficult project but the final results are impressive.

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The original structure and most of the original elements were preserved during the renovation process. The luxurious hotel now features a modern and minimalistic interior décor. The main idea behind this project was to create a contrast between the building’s history and ancient façade and the modern interior.

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The hotel also features many interesting elements. One of them is the common refrigerator that can be found in each room. It has been replaced by a transparent glass case on a wooden surface. This way the contents of the refrigerator are visible through the transparent glass and become part of the décor. Of course, there are many other interesting elements, such as some of the original pieces that have been preserves, the beautiful views that the hotel offers and the building itself.