The Luxurious Singita Boulders Lodge

Singita Boulders Lodge is a unique destination. It’s a different type of holiday retreat that allures the guests with its wild side. It’s very different from the typical luxury hotels where all you can do is visit the spa, the beach and maybe the rest of the city. Here, at the Singita Boulders Lodge, you can find all sorts of attractions and most of them and unlike anything you’ve seen before.

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At the Singita Boulders Lodge some of the savanna’s most elusive beasts are quite common and can be easily spotted. It’s not something you could see from the window of a hotel. Of course, to make the guests comfortable, the lodge also offers first-class spa treatments, wine tastings, delicious dinners at the restaurant and amazing private rooms. The guests can also enjoy the breathtaking views of South Africa’s shallow Sand River. There you can find the highest concentration of wildlife in all of Kruger National Park concentrated on an area of only 33,000 acres.

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The guests can also visit the Singita Sabi Sand Game Reserve which is accessible by car or by plane. And after a long and exciting day, you can relax at the spa, have a drink at the lounge/bar, enjoy a delicious dinner at the restaurant, relax in the swimming pool, have an outdoor BBQ and visit the fitness center, after which you can return to your luxury suite and wait for the next day to come when you can have new experiences.