The Luminaire Duo Made From Recycled Cork by Studio Ninho

The Luminaire Post is an ingenious creation of Brazilian designers Vinícius Lopes Leite and Gabriela Kuniyoshi of Studio Ninho. They designed this piece as a combination of two elements, a lamp and a message board. The inspiration came from two distinct ideas but they managed to bring them together in a harmonious composition and to help them become one.

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The idea behind the project is quite clever. Since it serves both as a message board and a lamp, you’ll be able to use post-its with reminders and to stick them to the surface of the lamp. This way you’ll always be reminded of what needs to be done every time you turn on the light and when you turn it off. It’s a clever idea that has the potential of being very successful. Correlating something that we use on a daily basis with something that needs to be done and that we need to be reminded of was ingenious and smart.

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The Luminaire Post doesn’t have just a double function but it also features a very interesting design. It’s been crafted from recycled cork, an unconventional material, especially for a lamp. The choice of materials was very important for the lamp’s other function. The designers managed to turn an ordinary lamp into an even more functional item and to allow it to stand out through its practicality and not its actual design. The lamp is assembled with simple pins and fittings by the user. It offers soft, warm light.