The Lobby collection from Fratelli boffi

The Lobby collection is a glamorous mix of fine details and refined designs. It’s a collection create exclusively for the living room and it includes a multitude or different pieces and designs to choose from in order to achieve an elegant, unique and sophisticated décor.

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View in gallery

Kir Royal Sofa and armchair

This beautiful couple was designed by Christophe de la Fontaine. It’s a combination of classical lines and basic elements gently transformed into modern art pieces. The main structure is hugged by a thin sheet of wood, creating a curved back and an elegant silhouette. The cotton velvet upholstery with a three-dimensional flock texture then adds the final touches.

Kir Royal pouf

Sharing the same elegant lines and curved silhouette, the pouf is also made of a wooden heart which is then upholstered. There’s an oval simple version and a round version, covered with velvet trimmings.

Arpa table

Featuring a unique and elaborate look, the table’s design was inspired by two different architectural periods. The legs are a reminder of the Queen Anne Style which developed in the early 18th century in England, whereas the central pedestal reflects the Regency style of the 19th century.

Apreggio small armchair and chair

And since such a beautiful table wouldn’t be complete without a couple of chairs, the collection also includes these beautiful chair designs, continuing the table’s sinuous design. There’s a simple version, with a flat rectangular back, and one with armrests and a curved back.

Heap lamp

Taking elegance to the next level, the lamp is the perfect detail to complement this sophisticated collection. Featuring a more colorful design, the lamp series was designed by Philippe Bestenheider. The lamp has a ceramic base wrapped with four cylindrical forms, on different levels. The result is a sculptural and eye-catching profile.

Heap vase

Ingeniously, the vase is actually a re-use of the base from the lamp. Holes were applied at the extremity of the cylindrical forms that make up the structure. This way you fill the vase with flowers that will sit at different heights.

Lui6 bookcase

And since no living room is complete without a storage unit, here’s a stylish design from Philippe Bestenheider. The piece can be used both as a storage unit and a partition wall and it’s composed of open and closed spaces. There are several variants of this product, including a square-shaped storage unit with a similar geometric design.

Cafe Creme

Designed by Marc Krusin, this is a modern wardrobe design made up of four parallelepipeds of various sizes arranged in space vertically and horizontally, intersecting at different heights. It’s a dynamic look, suitable for a modern home.{found on 6a3a.}