The elegant Hotel Basiliani – a mix of contemporary and ancient features

Hotel Basiliani or, as the name could be translated, the Brazilian Hotel, is located in Matera, Italy. It has a very elegant design, both inside and out. The construction and the project were completed in 2010. This would make this a modern hotel. However, a style is not always defined by time. In this case, the hotel features a very beautiful combination of both contemporary and ancient features.

Hotel Basiliani1

The reason why we find here this unusual and contrasting combination of style is because the hotel was actually a recovery project. The historic building has been transformed and redesigned in order to become what it is today. Of course, there are still traces of the old design. It’s the reason why the hotel features this combination of styles. You can see how they are combined and how elements balance each other. Despite the strong contrasts of styles that can be seen throughout the hotel and in every room, the overall décor is cohesive.

Hotel Basiliani

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Situated in the heart of the city, the hotel also offers views of the surroundings and, in addition, it sits close to Gravina and the Archaeological Park of the Rock Churches. These are both Unesco-protected sites. In a way, the hotel reflects the surroundings. If you look around, you’ll see the same balance between contemporary and ancient dwelling and structures that you can see in the hotel but in a different form.

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The interior of the Bazilian Hotel is very chic and elegant. The color palette is restraint to simple shades such as white, black and red with inserts of brown. The color contrasts are very strong throughout but the combinations are also beautifully balanced. The walls are white throughout the hotel and the floors are almost always dark. As for the furniture, it’s usually a way of introducing color into the décor.