The Cavo Tagoo Hotel in Mykonos, Greece

This beautiful hotel is called Cavo Tagoo and it’s located on the beautiful Mykonos Island in Greece. Cavo Tagoo is a 5 star luxury hotel that benefits from unique and very beautiful views. The hotel was built along a natural cliff. It blends beautifully with the surrounding landscape and it has a very simple design that makes it stand out.

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The Cavo Tagoo Hotel was recently purchased by Paris Liakos, an award-winning architect. It has also been redesigned and got a new and more modern look. The hotel is located in a very beautiful area with amazing landscape and breathtaking views. The architect and the designers tried to incorporate some of these elements into the interior décor as well. There are a lot of elements inspired by water and outdoor features.

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Since the hotel is built on a cliff the dominant element is natural rock. It has also been preserved and included in some of the interior areas as a natural decorative element. The hotel features a minimalist design both on the exterior and interior. In fact, the hotel resembles a giant structure made of delicious white chocolate as seen from the distance. The hotel has relaxing and inviting rooms and all the luxury suites feature a minimalist décor. It’s a very nice balance between comfort and style. Most of the interior is white with insertions of natural wood and very few colors. The large windows and amazing views create the perfect balance.