The Camus Collection Transcends Time To Become Art

Every furniture collection and designer piece is special and unique in one way or another. Not all, however, are as priceless as the Camus series. This is a collection that preserves and promotes a heritage of extraordinary craftsmanship and which is meant to be appreciated for its artistic value and for the concept it represents. The furniture pieces in this series inspire people to find something beyond the geometry that defines them. In order for these designs to be fully appreciated and understood they need to be seen, touched and felt.

Camus Collection wood chair IsadoraView in gallery

Isadora Wood chair from CamusView in gallery

Every piece of furniture in this collection was designed to stand out but not in a striking and opulent manner. The Isadora chair, for example, is defined by sinuous lines, smooth lines and gentle curves as well as an overall graceful charm that offers it a strong and sensitive personality.

casiopea mirror from Camus CollectionView in gallery

Camus Collection AtlantisView in gallery

A lot of the designs are intrinsically geometric but not in the traditional sense. The design goes beyond simple geometry and adapts it in a very artistic manner. Everything is customized and the Atlantis unit is a wonderful materialization of all those details.

bolanzas Camus CollectionView in gallery

Designs such as Bolanzas are suspended somewhere between sculpture and furniture. In fact, the entire collection is elevated to the rank of art, going beyond the basics of functionality and design. Its strong artistic personality is the defining characteristic and the attention to details is almost overwhelming.

esgrimas side tableView in gallery

The silhouette of the Esgrimas table is exquisite. Composed of several modules beautifully linked together, the table has sinuous forms and delicately tapered legs that make it look like a ballerina. While the top surface is flat, the form is not by any means a symmetrical or regular one and this is part of its charm.

Balzac sideboard Camus CollectionView in gallery

In some cases it’s difficult to even grasp what the function of a design is. For example, this is a piece called Balzac and it function is that of a cabinet. It can be used as a dresser for the bedroom but also as a storage unit for hallways, dining rooms and even home offices. Because the design is so unusual and so little linked to any trends or styles, this opens the door for versatility.

savoy camus collection dining tableView in gallery

For other designs the function is more obvious. The Savoy table, for instance, doesn’t hide its role in any way although it does stand out in the most beautiful way. The frame and the top are linked and form a 3D sculpture that draws the user in. The fact that the top is clear and made of glass is a detail absolutely crucial for the design.

Camus dining chair Sara BondView in gallery

Like we mentioned before, the designs in this collection are not linked to any particular style or trend. They are outside such influences and meant to be timeless. In the case of the Sara Bond dining chairs, there’s a subtle hint of classic elegance but the design as a whole is far more complex than that.

Lady Sting Chair From Camus CollectionView in gallery

It’s easier to think of this as a sculpture more than a chair. Ladysting is one of the most visually impressive pieces. The design of the chair is greatly simplified but at the same time it’s also very customized. It has this fluidity that gives it a unique and mesmerizing look. It’s designs like this one that make us understand that the Camus collection was created for people addicted to beauty.

colossus entryway sideboardView in gallery

Another interesting piece in the collection is the Colossus console which once again highlights this very sculptural look inspired by organic bodies. But it’s not just the form that makes the console and every other piece in the collection so special. They’re all made out of specially-chosen materials which get richer and more beautiful over time.

Camus wood side tables agrippa-agrippinaView in gallery

The Agrippina tables share a very sensual relationship. These two nesting tables can be used as a pair or as individual piece and they establish a very beautiful dialogue every time. Further more, their design and dimensions are meant to be versatile allowing them to serve a variety of different functions.

Camus galss coffee table YrisView in gallery

All of the furniture pieces described so far, including this stylish coffee table, can be used in a variety of configurations. Their designs are very rich and powerful, these characteristics being enough to make the decor stand out without any other features and details. As a result, keep everything else as simple and as basic as possible.