Symmetry and Multiples: Why they Work

Using more than one of the same accessory, such as when it comes to mirrors or picture frames, can be a great way to update your décor without too much fuss. Plus, it creates harmony in your décor choices. On the other hand, symmetrical ideas can create a soothing and relaxing effect when you’re at home. Here is how to work symmetry and the principle of multiples into your interior design.

Seeing Double.

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Doubles of the Same Item Create Structured Design

Symmetry has many décor and design benefits. It can help make your interior design job much easier. If you buy an item of furniture, such as a lamp, in a certain style and color, then purchase a second one and place it on the opposite side of the room. Matching items in a room creates a sense of security and looks aesthetically pleasing, too.

A Balancing Act.

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Adapt Your Entire Design to Symmetry

You can also add symmetry to your floor plan and how you place furniture in a room. For instance, let matching sofas face each other, highlighting the center of the space. This kind of design is also easy to update with décor because you could add one or two other accessories at a later stage without having to change everything.

Creative Symmetry.

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Add Colors and Patterns

Symmetry doesn’t have to be rigid or too perfect; you can create a harmonious design in your living space with a bit of creativity. As can be seen in the picture above, the picture frames are placed in a symmetrical design, but they contain different colors and patterns. This adds freshness, preventing inflexibility.

Extreme Mirror Images.

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Perfectionism Never Looked This Good

You can take the idea of symmetry to the extreme by ensuring every item in the room, from staircases to sofas and ceiling fans, has a clone! This look is further solidified by using only a few colors in the room, such as white, beige, and grey.

Multiple Magic!

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A Line of Identical Light Fixtures is Attention-Grabbing

With multiples in your home décor, you don’t have to create a mirror image by placing items facing each other as in symmetry. Rather, you use the same item in a line or around the room, such as with light fixtures. The next time you purchase a pretty light, buy an extra or third one too!

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Choose One Idea but in Different Styles

Or, you could go even further by using similar versions of the same item all over a wall.

Create a Picture with Multiples.

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Create a View where None Existed Before

Panels of artwork are an easy way to achieve the art of multiples in your living space. However, they don’t have to match. Rather, they can contain different parts of the same image, thus creating flow.

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