Sun Jar

Sometimes you need one thing and you can’t find it anywhere exactly when you need it most. That’s what usually happens to me when I’m staying out with my family for a barbecue or for a camping party in the woods. I mean I never find a powerful flashlight to see my way in the dark. I either lose them or the batteries die or the fire dies because nobody takes care of it and so on. So I guess the best thing to do is to always keep a lamp close in case I need one. And this nice Sun Jar is the perfect solution for me, as it is handy and does not need to be recharged or plugged. It is recharged automatically by sunlight and it is totally ecological.

51I09WQ98WL  SS400 The Sun Jar  is called like that because … well, it looks just like a jar. The LED inside offers a warm light for five hours for every recharge made. Because this energy is totally free and eco-friendly, this gadget won an award called – Eco Friendly Gift of the Year Award. It automatically starts casting a natural orange light when it gets dark and it is very easy to carry from one place to another and also to store. You can have it for just $28.75.