Suburb Cottage Home Expanded Into A Fresh Family Residence

The Sandrigham Residence is the type of home that hides its fun and vibrant character behind a rustic facade in order to preserve the harmony established in the neighborhood. Located in a suburb of Auckland City, New Zealand, the house was transformed by Techne Architecture in collaboration with Doherty Design Studio, a multidisciplinary design practice based in Melbourne known for its ability to create tailored interior designs through intuitive, holistic principles and bespoke finishes that express individuality.

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The cottage preserved its facade and was extended to include 4 bedrooms, a study and an open living space to accommodate the growing family and to allow it to live here long term. The building extension was created by following a fresh and fun approach.

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When creating he extension, the team had to give an overall contemporary look and allow it to be in harmony with the existing cottage at the same time. So they chose to use traditional materials to create a design that’s contemporary. It’s how the 2-level extension resembling a shipping container was envisioned.

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The interior design is simple and utilitarian, with bold graphic shapes, striking finishes and big blocks of color. The living area is situated at the rear of the house and is connected to a lush garden and a separate external living space.

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Painted timber lining boards extend from the living room ceiling into the outdoor area and a continuous look is created this way. This highlights the fluidity of the overall décor and its holistic character.

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The original space and the new extension are separated by a perforated black screen which was transformed into a beautiful and chic vertical garden where planters and vases are displayed.

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The interior design is fresh and vibrant, a look created through bold colors. For example, the dining area features a cluster of colorful pendant lights suspended above the table, a welcomed detail which breaks the monotony of the color palette.

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An abstract wall painting or actually a quirky paintdrip feature helps enhance the overall out-of-the-box interior design and becomes an interesting visual element.

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The kitchen is facing the exterior living area and takes in all the beauty of the garden. Its design is simple and intuitive the backsplash establishes fluidity while the wall-mounted cabinets soften the look. The island doubles as a bar and has chic three-legged designs.

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The two floors are connected through a staircase. The base is a mix of asymmetrical wooden box-like structures that pierce through the wall. The rest of the staircase is covered with bright red carpet. Another interesting detail about this particular portion of the house is the fact that the wall has 17 circular cutouts designed to serve as wine racks.

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Upstairs, the bedroom is a soothing and relaxing space decorated with grey and soft textures. A bench was placed in front of the window. A patterned mattress transforms it into a cozy and relaxing nook, perfect for reading a book or simply looking out the window on a beautiful day.

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A small workspace contains a minimalist desk placed in front of a large window, a wall unit behind it with open shelves and leather door pulls and an abstract and brightly-colored wall painting.

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The bathroom is small but fresh and airy. Its walls are mostly covered with hexagonal white tiles, the tiny tub doubles as a shower and has a glass enclosure and the two round mirrors above the vanity give the room character.

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