Small Belgian Hotel Doubles As A Showroom For Unique Furniture

There are plenty of hotels in Belgium and all over the world but none of them can be compared to this one. Situated in the resort town of Knokke within a short walking distance from the coast, the Bea B&B is a small, traditional family home turned into a bed and breakfast.


The hotel was decorated by Bea Mombaers and features a strong Dutch farm house vibe with English cottage accents. It has high ceilings, open spaces and large windows that let in the tranquil and enchanting views.


The interior is decorated with unique furniture pieces from the period between the ’50s and the ’80s. The whole place feels welcoming and relaxing. The most interesting thing about this small hotel is the fact that all the items and all the furniture that the owners has gathered during her travels are for sale.


The ground floor living space is a large room with concrete walls ad floors, vintage sofas and armchairs and a gorgeous live edge coffee table at the center. The raw-industrial backdrop is softened by the layered textures, the furry rugs and comfy cushions.


Large windows open the room to the outdoors. The views are soothing and relaxing. The corner seats become the most desirable spots in the room.

Bea BB garden rustic exterior

A fireplace is framed by wall-mounted wooden shelves and comfortable lounge seats. They’re decorated with all sorts of vintage items.


On the either side of the open plan is the kitchen area. The space is simple as the sign says and shares the same vintage-industrial look as the rest of the hotel.


A kitchen island separates the prep area from the social zone. It features some really beautiful bar stools with leather seats and metal frames.


A rustic bench turns part of the island into a cozy nook. It’s a perfect spot for enjoying breakfast while looking out the windows and enjoying the whole ambiance.


The large window between the kitchen and the social area is the focal point of a small workspace. Nothing fancy, just a desk and a chair plus some storage space


What’s really beautiful about this particular area is that there’s such an inviting and comfortable atmosphere despite the raw concrete walls and floors. All the vintage accents, the wooden tables and layered textures combined with all the comfy seats and cushions contribute to this impression.

Bea BB garden rustic exterior

A concrete staircase leads upstairs where the master bedroom is situated. The staircase itself doesn’t stand out at all, being hidden behind a concrete wall.


The master bedroom is the most impressive of the three. It has access to a small balcony, long drapes with traditional patterns and a chic butterfly chair in the corner.


Another interesting feature is the concrete tub which is part of the bedroom itself. A wall partition offers it privacy from the balcony.


The bathroom is decorated with colorful striped mosaic, has a wooden shelf under the vanity and a compact shower. It’s simple, casual and chic.


The same type of eclectic design is also continued outdoors, where a collection of different-colored butterfly chairs form a casual lounge area. The rustic exterior of the building is the perfect backdrop.