Sally Field’s Malibu Home

If you hear about the name of the famous actress Sally Field and her Malibu house, you can already imagine that it is not just a simple house, which belongs to a celebrity. And indeed, it is not just an ordinary house, as besides the building itself, there are also other attractive things such as parking spaces,  a tennis court, a swimming pool, an office space and a guest house. Besides the fact that the owner is a famous person, the house has other advantages also; for example the fact that it overlooks the Tuna Canyon Park and that it is a short drive from the Pacific.

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It is surrounded by a very beautiful landscape, great views over the hills and mountains. The interior is very pleasant, the wide glass windows and doors let the natural light enter the house and wash everything in a warm light. There are both traditional and modern objects that contribute to the beauty of the general atmosphere: the fireplace, which unites the two tendencies, the large table with comfortable armchairs in the living room and the pieces of furniture in the bedroom.

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All these have a certain charm in their simplicity. At the opposite pole, there is the kitchen and a living room that abound in all kinds of objects: from dishes, pots and suspended pots, to books, paintings, statues and other decorative elements. The plants and the flowers are a splash of color that animates the entire home.