Role of Local Authorities in Contemporary Property Development

In any developmental process in the area under their respective jurisdiction including development of contemporary property, local authorities have a major role to play. Sometimes the role played by them is very complex while at other times they may be simple.

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Complex features of the development of contemporary property include a range of functions, powers, as well as goals. Some of the conflicting locations of such activities are strategic planning, land use, development initiation and control, managing land owners, economic stewardship, and representing the objectives of the members of local area.

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Sometimes the functions of the local authorities involve either a single body and at other times they are distributed across a range of bodies. Since the ranges of local authorities are complex in nature, and can encompass anything from the Mayor to the Members of Parliament, management of contemporary property becomes a big challenge.

Meeting such challenge is the task cut out for the local authorities.{ Design/Architects: Palumbo Design & The Russell Group. }