Restored vintage farmhouse

Farmhouses are usually pictured as cozy, warm houses with a vintage interior and a classic beauty. This is also the look that this particular farmhouse had before it was restored. After the restoration the main lines of the décor remained the same, however with some modern touches here and there.

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As you enter you get the feeling that you’re going to see an elegant, classic décor. Both the interior and exterior spaces share similar designs, with beautiful vintage furniture and an overall warm atmosphere. The outdoor dining area features a beautiful table made by a craftsman in the area and following the designs created by the owner. The outdoor area is illuminated with French industrial lamps, a very good choice for that space.

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The door that leads to the hallway has an ancient look and it’s a very distinctive elements. The desk from the work area is an Italian piece dating from the 18th century and still has the original color. The kitchen, on the other side, is a little more modern and colorful. The indigo cabinets and refrigerator mix very beautifully with the blue walls.

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The living room is a little more casual than expected. Instead of a formal décor it’s a simple combination of colorful chairs and armchairs arranged around a fireplace. The master bedroom is also a subtle combination of vintage piece and modern elements. Overall this seams like a beautiful restoration of a warm and inviting farmhouse.{found on nuevo-estilo}