Que Bo!-a contemporary chocolate Mexican shop

Chocolate can come in various variants, in different combinations of tastes and shapes. It may look darker, white or have various flavors like pepper-mint, cinnamon, can be filled with cream or fruits of different kinds. If you want to make your day or other person’s sweeter, a bar of chocolate will always be the perfect option. A day that starts with a nice coffee accompanied by a sweet piece of chocolate will definitely become a better day.

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Located in Downtown Habita Shopping Centre, Mexico City there is a charming place which will definitely bring each of its clients some sweetness or enchant their senses with the delicious flavors of the types of chocolate that they can discover here. Metro Architects were asked to create a special place for this shop which intends to combine the traditional and local techniques of the past with the contemporary design and look of the present.

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Que Bo! looks like a mysterious place which replaces the antique house , the original construction of the place. It is a place created and directed by the well-known Chef José Ramón Castillo. The old place used to have two separated areas. One of them had flattened walls and wood floors which were in a good state while the other one had masonry walls and wood floors in a bad shape. Ceiling was the unifying part which had wood beams that belonged to the original building.

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Thus the use of wood was kept like the ceiling wood beams too. The modern furniture, the airy shelves or those which had integrated lighting are contemporary elements that make of this place look fresher and attractive. The pendant lighting bulbs that seem to come out of the ceiling wood beams create a special ambiance which makes you even more curious to come in and have a nice coffee and taste a delicious type of chocolate.