Palace Hotel in Slovenia

Everyone loves the fusion of traditional and modern architecture. The palace hotel is the example of great fusion of traditional and modern architect. The Palace Hotel is situated in the center of coastal resort Slovenia. The new design of this hotel is made by the Api Arhitekti. The investor wanted to renovate neoclassical building to expand the accommodation capacity and stylish look. The architectural advancement of this building is basically focused to highlight the features of the hotel and reveals the detachment of the past. The main façade and side facades of this building is preserved. The floors structures are built using new materials. The materials which are using in building this new hotel are glass, steel and stones. These materials give it more stylish and modern look.  There is entrance glass which connects old architecture to new. The entrance of this new renovated hotel greets the visitors and offers them a great view of sea.  The main objective of the architect is to expand the accommodation capacity with stylish décor of the palace hotel.

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Photographs: Miran Kambič