Orange Hotel in Rome

Hotels are supposed to be our homes away from home, to be comfortable and attractive and that is why hotel managers try to find something that is specific for them, that is only theirs and can be used as a trade mark, a feature that identifies with them and is illustrative for their hotel. In this case, the Orange Hotel in Rome has found just the right feature: the orange colour. The idea came from some lyrics written by Jaques Prevert where he talks about an orange as the ideal of happiness or a nice metaphor for life and beauty in general. So they chose this colour as their defining feature. They decided to use orange and grey tones in the whole design of the hotel rooms and this, combined with modern and comfortable furniture and accessories, have made the hotel a popular choice these days.

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As you can also see from the pictures, the rooms’ design combines vivid hues of orange with leather and grey and modern pieces of furniture in order to obtain and interesting and cool look. The hotel has 26 interesting rooms, all decorated in the same “boutique hotel” style. I noticed the orange lobby and meeting room that has an unexpected centerpiece: a nice orange and grey motorcycle in the middle and the beautiful bathrooms with all the modern amenities and transparent translucent bath tubs and many other features. The orange leather sofas are shiny and disco and the whole atmosphere is one of joy and modernism. More about the accommodation details here.