O Interior Design Unit Specializes In Creating Contemporary Spaces

You may find the Denver, Colorado, based firm formed in 1999 bearing a strange name (which needs a bit of explanation) but the O interior Design firm is no stranger to the work of designing. The unit has been creating magic since 11 years and they excel in creating contemporary spaces which ‘definitely’ have an air of Hollywood Regency yet being comfortable and livable at the same time. We never admire designers who go for the over-the-top flares and that is where O Interior Design is so convincing-at least the pictures say so!

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The first thing anyone notices about this place are the colors, more exactly the contrasting color tones used in all the rooms. They create a very nice visual image and they also have a great impact on the viewers. The bedroom is the best example for this. In there, the colors combine perfectly and they look very good together. It’s the black that is the most visible, especially when combined with the golden tone.

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The kitchen is also interesting. This time the contrast is less aggressive then in the case of the bedroom, but it’s still visible. This time there’s a combination of brown, beige, grey and soft purple. It looks very nice. The living room is also beautiful, with that fireplace and the yellow lamps. I also like the fluffy rugs.

This home has a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. It’s decorated in an elegant vintage style and the details are very beautiful.