Moose On The Loose Coat Rack

My boy is only four, but I am trying to encourage him to be independent. So I am teaching him some rules these days and one of them is to make him put his clothes in the right place, instead of just throwing them in a pile on the floor. But somebody who is very good with children taught me to turn this operation into fun if I want to be successful any time soon. So I bought this funny and amazing looking Moose On The Loose Coat Rack and put it in the kids room.

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First of all this coat rack is shaped like an animal – a moose. This is fun, even if we do not live in Alaska. Then it is very useful as design, as the kids can use the moose horns as coat racks and hang their clothes there. The coat rack is small in size, so perfect for your kids. Besides, it is very easy to install just where your children can reach it perfectly and all you need is a strong screw. The coat rack is produced by the British company called All Lovely Stuff and is made from beech wood. You can also use it for hanging hats, umbrellas, scarves and so on. The item can be purchased for $39.