Modern single-family in Coronado by Christian Rice

Spindrift is a modern building located in Coronado, United States. It was a project developed by Christian Rice Architects and it’s a family development. The building is located in an area populated by both single-family homes and multi-family structures and it integrates perfectly into the surroundings. The Spindrift unit is composed of three structures.

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The reason for the three separate structures to exist was to preserve the scale of the nearby homes. It’s a design meant to allow this development to integrate naturally in an area that includes lots of single-family homes but also multi-family structures and it does that very easily with its mixt structure. However, these separate building have a dual character. On one hand they integrate nicely in the area considering their use and structure but they also stand out with their modern and simple design.

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The Spindrift development is surrounded by street on three sides. This means that each unit can be easily accessed from the street it faces and thus achieving an individual character. The unit is a great addition and it combines two types of homes and expresses the character of the area where it’s located. Moreover, the buildings feature subterranean driveways and parking spaces. They include a private two-car garage and a private entrance for each residential unit. It’s a compact structure ut each unit has its own character.