Modern residence with panoramic views of downtown Manhattan

Located in New york, NY, USA, this residence impresses on more than one level. It has a design that takes several ingenious and creative ideas and puts them all together in a very beautiful composition. The residence was a project developed by Joel Sanders Architect in collaboration with Balmori Associates. It was completed in 2008 and it introduces several original concepts.

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The residence has an overall contemporary design and several eye-catching features. For example, one of the most interesting parts of the project was the urban garden. It’s basically an indoor garden located on the ground floor, surrounding the stairway. It was created by combining a planted carpet with wood flooring and it’s an element that links the penthouse loft to the roof terrace. Of course, this is a part of the garden. The rest of it is spread throughout the house, on both levels.

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The roof terrace is very beautiful and overs panoramic views of downtown Manhattan. The indoor garden is not just a decorative element. It’s part of a larger plan that involves the use of natural materials including recycled walnut and glass as well as an overall green approach. The idea was to almost eliminate the barrier between indoor and outdoor, natural and artificial.

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The rest of the décor and interior design were created by following the same concepts. Notice that the overall interior design is simple and has an organic feel given not just by the use of natural plants. For example, the living area features embedded upholstery that resembles a textile garden and the roof garden has an area defined by a walkable outdoor carpet.{found on archdaily and pics by Peter}.