Modern Pod Pavilion by Studio Nicoletti Associate

Modernity brought many changes into our life which sometimes seem to impress us through the designers’ or inventors’ talent and imaginationthat we will always appreciate and treasure.When the modern technology and creativity work together there are realized amazing things which makes us become proud of our inventiveness and talent. There wonderful creations which seem to appear as real pieces of art although they are useful and practical things that we need every day. Some of them are considered as real jewelry which appears to embellish our urban surroundings.

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It is also the case of this modern Pod pavilion designed byStudio Nicoletti Associati. It is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and represents a new urban centre which hosts office areas and a sale’s showroom. Its exterior design looks more like an earthworm. It imitates its shape and adapts perfectly to the natural surrounding landscape. It is one of the modern buildings which seem to attract every eye on it.

Pod pavilion3

Pod pavilion3

This modern Pod pavilion is divided into two areas: one of them contains the office area and the second one is the showroom. The building is surrounded by a modern reflecting water pool which seems to match the surrounding area wonderfully.