Modern, playful and original home designed by mode:lina

This beautiful residence was not completely finished when the Poznań-based architects from mode:lina started working at it. Its still raw state was, however, the perfect start.The architects got to work with a structure that was not completely finished and that they could basically transform in any way they wanted without being limited or influenced by already existing features.

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The house got a whole different look. The changes were numerous and quite interesting. Initially, the house had no walls. This allowed the owners and architects to see the entire floor space and to better plan and imagine each space. The idea was to create different zones, each with a different function. But this meant that the atmosphere had to be different as well. For that, the architects opted for certain materials that they thought would give each space character.

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For example, in the living room has a simple and open décor with large windows and white walls. The wooden floor was covered with cow hide that instantly makes the room feel warm and cozy. The lack of large, bulky furniture gives this area a particularly casual and modern look. The living room also has direct access to the terrace. The same open floor plan also contains the dining area and the kitchen.

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The dining area is particularly interesting. It’s small and contains a wooden table with room for four and wooden chairs featuring a rustic and elegant design. The chandelier is unique. It was made from a branch that comes from a place with great sentimental value for the owner.

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Overall, the house has a décor based on contrasts and harmony. The raw materials and features are always complemented by warm natural accents. For example, the furniture throughout is a combination of modern pieces and pieces inherited from the owner’s parents.