Modern eco-residence in San Francisco

The Tiburon House, as it is called, is the result of the hard work and collaboration between a pair of green enthusiasts and architects Butler Armsden. The clients requested a high-performing, LEED platinum home and their goal was to create the most energy-efficient, sustainable home that would also have a modern and beautiful design.

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As a result, the Tiburon House is one of the first custom homes to ever obtain LEED-H Platinum certification, not to mention a very beautiful residence. The house sits on a cliff on the Tiburon Peninsula where the name also came from. The site had an already exiting home on it and the team carefully deconstructed the old home piece by piece. The most surprising part is that they managed to save and reuse 95% of the materials.

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The team also managed to preserve the walls from the salvaged foundation and to the reuse them in the new building. The new house was built mostly with recycled and sustainable materials. The new residence was built around a central staircase that connects the floors and also maximizes air circulation and natural light. All the rooms benefit from gorgeous views of the garden and the nearby waterfront. The living room can be accessed through a bridge from the garden. The home uses a series of solar panels on the roof and a water-reclamation system.{found on inhabitat}