Minimalist house in Portugal by Manuel Aires Mateus

As odd as it may seem, there is such a thing as a house that has no windows, at least not in the conventional sense of the term. It’s the case of a minimalist white home that was designed by Aires Mateus & Associados. It’s located in Leiria, Portugal and it looks quite unusual and intriguing.

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But the fact that the house apparently has no windows is not even the only quirky thing about this project. All the private areas are actually situated at street level, built under the plot. They are organized around a courtyard and have access to private patios. A central void collects light and illuminates the spaces.

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Living underground is unusual and in this case the main problem seems to be the lack of natural light. However, the clever design and the distribution of the rooms combined with a minimalist interior design make this detail unnoticeable.

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The interior is bright and airy, glass walls and partitions allowing the limited amount of natural light to get into the main areas. Everything is simple and casual and this sets a very pleasant mood. The structure built above ground gets its light from a skylight-like opening that integrates a small terrace.