Design Strategies That Emphasize The Masculine Flair Of A Space

The world is full of stereotypes and preconceived notions that change the way we think or dictate the decisions we make in life. For example, when trying to picture a masculine interior decor a lot of people immediately go to images of a dark, sterile space ruled by chaos or of a space that’s austere and has an unrealistic futuristic look. Such spaces definitely exist but they don’t actually define the majority.

So if you’re looking for decor ideas for your man cave, try to see beyond those cliches and to explore the tons of other options that are available. Do not let preconceived notions get in the way of your creativity.

A dining table and a pool table all in one – a wonderful fusion that fit perfectly in a man cave

The Fusiontables are the creation of the Aramith design team and the concept was first introduced in 1997.

The sculptural and delicate design of this sink is equally well suited for both feminine and masculine decors

The Silenzio sink was designed by Antonio Lupi.

Rugged and polished surfaces are put together to create a table with a lot of character

This coffee table is part of the Fragments collection conceived by Lex Pott at a quarry. Its design plays with extremes and has the rugged charm that’s the sign of a well-balanced masculine decor.

This sofa is upholstered with tanned skins of large fresh water fish found in the Amazon

This is the Piracucu sofa designed by the Campana brothers. It has a steel and wood structure complemented by a naturally textured and patterned upholstery cover.

The curved frame of the sofa is made from vertical bamboo sticks

There are of course some major differences between a feminine decor and one with a masculine vibe. Masculine spaces are more practical and more focused on functionality. This, however, doesn’t stop them from also being sensible to style and little details that make them look charming. Sacrificing style for comfort is rarely a good idea, especially when you want the space to look masculine.

Minimal in design, this unusual sofa is the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality

This is a design by Byung Boon Choi featured at the friedman Benda gallery.

The Eames lounge chair is a classic and has always been an expression of elegant and sophisticated masculinity

The Eames lounge chair and ottoman were designed by Charles and Ray Eames and they quickly became an icon of high-end furniture design.

The leather Chesterfield sofa is another classic that has what it takes to look both masculine and stylish
The sofa’s tufted back and armrests add a delicate and elegant touch to its simple design

Leather Chesterfield Sofa

A Finnish sauna is the type of unexpected design feature that can make a space stand out

This is a Finnish sauna produced by Effegibi.

The heavy and robust design of this tub is definitely masculine, just what a man cave needs

Spa Ambiente offers a wide range of washbasin designs suited for exclusive and sophisticated decors.

A well-chosen sink or washbasin can also give a lot of character to a bathroom

Obviously, just because you want a space to be comfortable and practical doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to the looks. A good idea is to pick materials that stand out and that have a well-defined look and character, materials such as wood and metal. Complement them with something a bit more delicate such as frosted glass.

Complement the cold and austere nature of a masculine decor with a fireplace

This is in fact a table and a fireplace in one. It’s a concept developed by The Flame.

The simple lines of the metal base are complemented by the live edge wooden top

Both the Orwadth and the Alkar dining tables are designed by Materia.

This table is the perfect statement piece for a minimalist decor that also wants to be sophisticated and inviting
Featuring a live edge hardwood frame and a robust padded seat, this bench has a lot of masculine flair

The Betty Bench is the creation of Terry Dwan.

When decorating a bachelor pad always pay attention to the colors and shapes that are included in the design. You can never go wrong with straight lines and simple forms but don’t let these rule the decor. Play with contrasts and also add some curves and patterns to the space. Aim for a contemporary style that’s semi-minimalist.

This unusual bench is crafted from a single block of wood and looks giant an oversized clothespin

The Molletta bench is designed by Baldessari and Baldessari and comes in three different sizes.

The table has a thick and solid concrete top attached to a square wooden base

The Platform collection is a series of tables that combine concrete, steel and walnut into simple and robust designs.

Leather armchairs usually have a masculine vibe compared to those upholstered in fabric

elegant club chair featured in leather and available with a high or a low back and a classical design. It’s displayed here together with a Twig accent table.

The design of this table is both simple and unconventional. The table is pretty much a cube made of lots of twigs
Every bachelor pad needs to have a bar and that means that some good-looking bar stools are in order

The ML46 stool has a three-legged base and its overall design was inspired by that of the stools used by shoemakers in the past.

A space needs to include heavy and sturdy decor items if you want it to look masculine. Delicate forms, curves, sleek lines and lightweight furnishings are the opposite of that. Look for materials such as solid wood and metal and make sure at least some of your furniture pieces have a solid and strong impact on the overall decor and ambiance of the space. Obviously, don’t exaggerate and also remember to balance out that heaviness with some glass accents, cozy fabrics and light colors.

This is an installation made of 10 individual lighting modules. Similar designs can be created

The Cell wall light from Tom Dixon can either be used as a standalone piece or in groups or clusters.

There’s an interesting randomness that makes this shelving piece stand out and double as an interesting sculpture

Find more interesting shelving designs at Pinepine Studio.

Some things are not usually synonymous with style and elegance but that can easily change

MBM Biliardi offers a luxury range of billiard tables with exquisite and exclusive designs for a cool gaming room.

A billiard table is often a must-have for a bachelor pad or any guy’s home really

We suggest letting nature become a part of the interior design. Bring the outdoors in by putting the spotlight on the views and by exposing the windows. Nature adds balance to decors and also complements the dark hues and the simple and straight lines that usually define masculine spaces. A nicely framed view, a potted plant, a green wall or a colorful accent feature allow the decor to avoid looking monotonous and bland.

You can’t really go wrong with leather furniture, especially if a masculine decor is what you’re aiming for
Combine contrasting materials or textures for a well-balanced and comfortable decor
The range of masculine colors include a lot of neutral and earthy nuances

You can find more charming masculine furniture pieces in the Brancaster Collection.

Look for furniture that celebrates the materials it’s made of and exposes this natural beauty
This collection has a charmingly rugged personality but manages to also look really comfortable

As far as color goes, grey has always been a classic for masculine spaces and decors. That being said, it will never go out of style. You can choose it as your main color and combine with other neutrals such as beige and the always beautiful black and white combo. Of course, too many neutrals will make the space look bland and boring so remember to also add some accent tones. You can also count on dark tones and saturated colors to give your space the masculine vibe you’re looking for but these should always be complemented by some white.

A coffee table built from an actual car engine. What could be more masculine than that?

This is the Continental Radial Engine Table, a piece with a lot of personality and perfect for car-lovers.

A similar table is this one, made with pistons and with a glass top that exposes all its charm

This table features a unique design created with engine pistons from the 30’s.

What could be better than to surround yourself with the things that you love? For some, that means cars, planes or other vehicles

This is another unique creation from Artinmotion, made from a radial engine and a wood propeller.

Engines, propellers and other parts can be turned into beautiful artwork
A good design strategy for bachelor pads is to simplify things and to go back to the basics
Vintage furnishings made from repurposed or reclaimed materials are a really nice fit for such decors

It’s nice to also include a few rugged elements in the decor. For example, an exposed brick wall or some industrial furniture could have the desired impact on the overall ambiance.

An interesting idea is to turn old signs into furniture or to repurpose things you like into decorations for your home
An interesting-looking chair is a great accent piece for any type of space

Vibrazioni Art Design specializes in creating unique furniture from reclaimed materials, more exactly from metal drums used in various industrial sectors.

You can also add character to a space with some quirky side tables
Each of these furniture pieces is unique and capable of becoming a focal point

Simplicity and visual symmetry are also characteristics of a nicely designed man cave. These characteristics are also ideal for small spaces. Don’t overwhelm a small room with lots of colors or lots of different materials, finishes and textures. Keep the decor simple and only pick two or three colors. Create a sense of stability and comfort.

This chair was designed to mimic the shape of a bird’s nest

Featuring a fiberglass seat, the Nido chair is very lightweight and also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

For a masculine vibe, try to integrate furniture that looks heavy and robust
A piece of furniture can be both soft and heavy and this armchair is a pretty good example

Pay attention to the lighting in the room. Try to create a balance between the natural, ambient and task lighting in the space. Also, keep in mind that the light fixtures can be great focal points or elements that make a decor stand out or feel complete.

This is an island characterized by simple and clean lines, smart features and a contemporary allure
Forget the sleek and delicate designs of most washbasins and consider one with a more robust form
Convert a bike into a stand for your bathroom vanity. It will look amazing no matter what style you prefer

Add character to a space with interesting accent furniture or eye-catching focal points. For example, an accent chair in an exciting color can really change the way a room is perceived. You can also add character to a room with framed posters, a book collection neatly organized on shelves or with some quirky accent pillows, an interesting coffee table or some collectibles.

This is a coffee table that celebrates the beauty of wood as a material
Don’t overcomplicate things. A desk doesn’t need a complicated design if all you want is a flat top
The combination of wood and metal is a very pure and honest one that often characterizes industrial decors
Cool and dark colors such as blue or brown are better suited for masculine decors than the brighter tones