Eye-Catching Accent Cabinets Glamorous Homes Crave For

Most spaces (living rooms, bedrooms, dining areas, even hallways, kitchens and bathrooms) can benefit from a furniture piece such as an accent chest of drawers. This is the type of accessory that can complete a decor and make a space feel more comfortable by simply offering some extra storage and, in a lot of cases, by looking exquisite. It’s important to position the accent cabinet in a good spot so it can stand out without being overwhelmed by other furniture pieces or decorations. The role of accent cabinets is both a functional and a decorative one.

Palace and D Manuel from Bocadolobo Accent Cabinets

In the recent years a lot of past trends and styles have become fashionable again. They are, of course, adapted and transformed to suit our modern needs, both stylistic and functional. The Palace accent cabinet is the perfect example for this.

The other beautiful cabinet displayed here is D. Manuel and was named after King Manuel I of Portugal. Its forms are inspired by the city skyline and allow the piece to look a lot like a modern sculpture.

Kahn Sideboard from Esential Home

The Kahn Sideboard has a lot of potential. It’s a low piece of furniture which can be placed in a lot of settings such as in the living room below the TV, on the hallway as a console table alternative or in the dining room against a wall. The design is elegant and very practical with lots of drawers and storage compartments.

Uluru Womb Sideboard

The inspiration for the Uluru accent cabinet comes from the Australian Mountain that gave it its name. The cabinet features unusual forms and storage compartments with doors of unique shapes designed to capture the natural design of the mountain. The designer also made sure to bring forth the striking rust color that makes the Uluru Mountain so special.

Glencoe Accent Chest from Womb

Nature and its amazing beauty were also the source of inspiration for the Giencoe accent cabinet. This time the design mimics the organic and sculptural character of the Giencoe baobab trees found deep in the heart of Africa. The trees are famous for being among the oldest in the world and they’re also known for their large dimensions.

Yellow Accent Chest Design
Grey white Dolce vita Chest

The Dolce Vita collection offered by Labarere is defined by a very specific style with strong vintage influences and a hint of industrial charm. The Chest 2 doors featured here in a beautiful shade of yellow has a design unusual enough to suit a variety of styles and spaces.

Brick accent grey chest

Paola Navone is the creative mind behind the Brick collection, a series of storage units with simple and versatile designs. Brick 69 is a cabinet with four modules. The frame is made of walnut and the doors are covered with buttoned fabric. The frame comes in a variety of finishes such as white, gray, blue, black and walnut.

italian Cabinet in black

Revive the beauty and elegance of the 1950s with an Italian drinks cabinet such as this one. The design is simple and defined by sleek lines and an imposing silhouette. The cabinet is the perfect addition to a dining room.

zeloufandbell Accent Sideboard

Furniture makers Zelouf + Bell invites us into a world of delicate and mesmerizing beauty with sideboards that bring forth images and forms inspired by nature. This particular accent cabinet can easily serve as a piece of artwork for spaces like the living room or dining area.

curved Sideboard design

Coming from the same designers, credenzas such as the Curved Briques piece manage to be robust and big without actually looking that way. It’s all about the smooth curves and the soft lines combined with the natural color accents and horizontal streaks.

Gold Accents for Cabinet
Farafra Womb Design

A curved body is a desirable feature for furniture pieces such as accent cabinets. Details like this one can make the design more approachable and can also give the piece a more sophisticated look. The Farafra sideboard also comes with a meaningful story. Its design is inspired by the Farafra Depression from Egypt and is linked to the stylistic influences from that particular period.

Gold Accent Monocles Cabinet from Esential Home

If you’re looking for a cocktail cabinet for your home, we just found a pretty great one. It’s called Monocles and it comes fully prepared to hold bottles and everything else needed in a bar. Its name is inspired by the design with has these circular openings of different sizes all over its cabinet doors. The circular elements look a lot like monocles, hence the name chosen for this unusual piece of furniture.

Monocles Sideboard

The Monocles sideboard is very similar to the cabinet featured above. They’re part of the same collection and both the cabinet and the sideboard versions are eye-catching and meant to stand out. The metallic fronts and tips complement the wood in a really pleasant way. The warmth of the wood comes in contact with the cool nature of the metal giving the sideboard an edgy look.

Skull chest front pattern

Accent cabinets are meant to stand out and to fill a space that’s not required for anything more important. They’re both useful and decorative and the latter part is a very important characteristic of their designs. This is design that puts together some contrasting concepts and takes the image of the skull to the rank of art.

Geometric pattern on sideboard

Some accent cabinets put a lot of emphasis on the aesthetic of the design. This, for example, is a piece with an intricate geometric pattern which plays with neutrals such as black, white and gray.

Accent purple zebra design

This is an artistic interpretation of the zebra pattern which was adapted to suit the form of this accent cabinet. Such a piece can fit nicely in a contemporary of mid-century modern dining room although it’s also easy to envision it in a lot of other configurations and locations.

Pink and white zebra pattern on chest

We love the beauty of the organic pattern that characterizes this accent cabinet. The pink and white shades give the cabinet a really feminine and delicate appearance.

Black and white pattern on cabinet

This design has a very tactile look and that’s partly because of the pattern which is usually associated with fabrics and textiles. In addition, the pattern and colors are also reminiscent of a vintage and chic decor. Consider such an accent piece for a mid-century modern interior design.