A Complete Guide To A Perfect Bachelor Pad

Decorating a bachelor pad can be really challenging for any of us, even if at first it doesn’t seem to be so complicated. A bachelor pad should entirely represent the one who lives in it. Hobbies, preferences in terms of art, ways of entertaining guests, style, colors, furniture, all of these plus tones of other details should outline the owner’s personality.

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Perfect Balance Achieved For An Industrial Bachelor Pad

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Unique kitchen countertop

I personally believe that the place you live in tells a story about you. So let’s write a story together! Here are some ideas of what you might need if you plan to live in a bachelor pad.


Furniture is always important; it provides the comfort you need and helps you organize the entire space. In a bachelor pad you will always need:

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A large sofa

Perfect for parties, interesting discussions with friends or just for watching your favorite TV show. If you prefer the last option, bring some popcorn!

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A custom bar cabinet

This will probably become the ultimate centerpiece for any meeting organized in your apartment. Not to mention that your friends would love it.

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Industrial shelves

Bring a masculine touch by using industrial shelves to display some of your favorite books!

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Get a nice coffee table

You’ll always need one special place to keep your remote control, magazines or any other small items. Besides that, there is no better place to enjoy a good coffee than home, on your couch, watching TV.

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A pallet platform bed

Not only they look awesome, but they are more than perfect for a bachelor pad! You even have the freedom to build your own bed, according to your needs.

Gadgets .

You won’t ever see a real bachelor pad without gadgets, this is definitely out of the question. I’m not talking about smart phones or any other personal devices; I’m talking about important tools that would help you enjoy spending time at home, saving money and keeping you safe.

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A home theater system

Any young man should have something like that in his apartment. It will be much more interesting and fun to watch movies with your friends. With this system and a large TV you can turn your apartment in a movie theater!

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Stay safe with August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock is an elegant device that will allow you to create digital keys for your friends and family. Designed by Ives Behar, this lock uses Bluetooth low energy, meaning that it;s able to identify every phone that has a digital key to your house. You can create as many digital keys as you want, and you can even decide what are the hours or days in which other people have access to your apartment.

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Try the floor plan light switch

End the confusions created by the light switches in your room. The floor plan light switch was created by Taewon Hwang and has a special design that will allow you to see which switch controls what.

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USB Power Outlet

An USB power outlet will always be practical, especially now, when almost all of our personal devices have built-in USB ports.

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WeMo Home Automation Switch

Control your electronic devices trough this Wi-Fi enabled switch. All you need is a smart phone or tablet and a Wi-Fi network.


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Hang your bike on the wall or ceiling.

Bikes are cool, everybody knows that. What you don’t know is the fact that they look even cooler on your wall or ceiling. Besides that, keeping it inside your bachelor pad will stop you worrying about the fact that somebody might steal it one day. You never know!

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Display your DVD/CD collection

Let your guests know you better through your tastes in music and movies. Be original and find a proper way to display your collections. Remember they are part of you.

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Decorate with abstract paintings

by Josh Shadid

Why abstract? It’s simple: abstract paintings go very well in almost any room and will definitely draw everyone’s attention. Still, don’t forget that colors are important.

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Use framed quotes that define you as a person

by Unique Exposure

One or two quotes are more than welcomed. You can put one on your office or hang it on a wall. Don’t forget it should be about something you really believe in. Remember, your bachelor pad tells a story about who you really are!

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Display old personal items

by JE Evans Photography

You still have your first soccer ball or baseball set? Find a place for them in your bachelor pad, you won’t regret this!

Wall design.

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Simple, dark colored wall

by Tomas Frenes Design Studio

It’s true, dark walls will make you think the space is smaller than it really is, but try to see the bright side. Sometimes, small spaces are cozier. So don’t be afraid of dark colored walls. Create a manly atmosphere!

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Exposed bricks

by Lucas Finlay

I’ve always loved the way exposed bricks look in any home or apartment. A bachelor pad seems to be one of the best places for them, especially if you combine them with other industrial details.

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Many people avoid using wallpapers due to the problems they may encounter when trying to remove them. They still work though, and they are cost effective!

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Chalkboard painted wall

How cool is that? If you decide to paint your wall with chalkboard paint you can use it as a reminder. There are chances not to see a post-it, but you simply can’t miss anything that’s written on your wall. Or can you?

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Wood paneled wall

by Union Studio

If you want to include natural elements in your bachelor pad, maybe adding wood paneled walls would be a good idea. But don’t turn your apartment in a wooden box!


Even if you think floors are not so easy to notice, you’ll be amazed to find out how many differences can occur by having a certain type of floor. Let’s find out more!

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Polished concrete floor

Concrete floors are increasingly used nowadays, especially in modern residences. A polished concrete floor looks excellent in any interior. Just imagine how nice it might look in your bachelor pad!

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Dark wood floors

Elegant, stylish and manly, these are the words that come into my mind when I think about dark wood flooring. Definitely one of the best choices for a bachelor pad, don’t you think?

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Penny flooring

Works best for bathrooms and kitchens but, in this case, if you have a play room, you may hit the jackpot. Create a jaw-dropping effect that will make your friends jealous!

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Usually, people use tiles in their kitchen or bathroom. Well guess what? Some of them actually look like natural hardwood. I’d say they’re worth trying.


Let there be light in your bachelor pad, but choose the proper lighting fixtures. Here are some ideas:

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Recessed lighting

Create a pleasant ambient every time you think it’s necessary. By using recessed lighting you can even accentuate different areas of your bachelor pad.

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Pipe lamp
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Unique plumbing shelving

Another manly item for your bachelor pad! And the best thing is that you can build it on your own, you just need the materials and some free time. The rest is here! Tip: they work really nice with exposed bricks!

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Pendant lamps

We recommend you to use them if you have high ceilings. The higher your ceiling is, the lower you can hang them.

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Oversized floor lamps

An oversized floor lamp can be both charming and dramatic. Surely you will make a statement with one of these in your living area!

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Wall lighting

There are so many ways to accentuate your walls, and lighting is one of them. Brighten your bachelor pad by adding wall lamps from one place to another.

Share with your friends.

There are chances that your friends will consider your bachelor pad their second home. It’s probably the place you guys meet most frequently, so it’s important to keep them busy, or else all of you will get bored. Drinking a beer, watching TV or simply talking is not enough. Try to bring some action. Here’s how.

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Get a pool table
Ping Pong Table Door
Play darts
Ping Pong Table Door
A foosball table doesn’t sound bad
Ping Pong Table Door
Play ping-pong

Now that you know all of these things, let’s get the party started!