How To Make Copper Penny Flooring In 9 Easy Steps

There’s not much you can do with a penny these days. But when they start to stack, then you can really think of some great projects. For example, did you know you can put pennies in your floor? You can actually make copper penny flooring for your home. It’s not difficult but it takes time so read the instructions carefully and make sure you have plenty of change.

1. Clear the way.

Copper penny floor project

Before you start sticking pennies on your floor, you first have to remove the base molding in the entire room. After that you can start measuring the room and determine the quantity of materials you’ll be needing for this wonderful project.

2. Sand down the floor.

After the base molding is removed, you have to even out the floor. So start sanding down the irregularities and the bumps. The floor needs to be even so if you find cracks or empty spaces, fill them with cement.

3. Clean the floor.

After that part is done and the floor is all even, you can start cleaning it. You need to get rid of all the dirt, dust and grease. Use a mild degreaser detergent and rinse thoroughly. Let the floor dry. While you do that you can start sorting the pennies. Some might be shiny and others might be dull so you’ll want to mix them up nicely.

4. Cut the fiberglass.

For this next step you’ll have to cut squares of self-sticking fiberglass. Make sure they all have the exact same dimensions. It’s a good think you measured the floor earlier because you can figure out exactly how many squares you’ll need.

5. Stick the pennies to the fiberglass.

Copper penny floor project

This part is easy but also time-consuming. You’ll have to start placing the pennies on the fiberglass squares.

6. Form a pattern.

Then use a chalk snap to measure the length and width of the room and form a checkered grid pattern for the squares.

7. Place the tiles on the floor.

Copper penny floor project

Start at the back of the room and apply clear adhesive to the area marked by the chalk lines. Then place the copper penny tile on the square area and press down firmly. Continue doing the same thing for the rest of the tiles.

8. Spread grout and water on the floor.

Copper penny floor project

After you’re done with all the tiles you have to mix grout and water in a bucket and to spread it over the penny tiles. This will allow you to fill in all the crevices.

9. Finishing touches.

Copper penny floor project
Copper penny floor project
Copper penny floor project

Let it sit for 72 hours and then mix a clear two-part epoxy sealer with UV blocker and pour a coating over the tiles and grout. Let it dry and enjoy your new flooring.{found on glasstileexperts}.