Cool Saunas Let Steam Lovers Sweat It Out In Style

There’s nothing like relaxing in a sauna, letting the steam open your pores and enjoying the warmth and feeling like you’re melting. People have been enjoying saunas for ages and their designs and functions have changed and refined over the years. At this point in time we can say that we have some pretty great saunas in the world. These cool saunas definitely know how to draw people in and how to exploit all their benefits so let’s have a look at each one and see what makes it so special.

Grotto Sauna by Partisans
Exterior Grotto Sauna by Partisans
Grotto Sauna by Partisans Inside
Grotto Sauna by Partisans interior
Grotto Sauna by Partisans View
Grotto Sauna by Partisans Seating
Grotto Sauna by Partisans Door

The Grotto Sauna can be found on the shore of Lake Huron north of Toronto and was designed by Partisans. The biggest challenge in this case was building a structure that could integrate into the surroundings, respect the environment and borrow some of its beauty. The inspiration for the design, as the name suggests, came from the organic forms of caves but also from the soft waves seen on the lake.

DIY Sauna Raft
DIY Sauna Raft Design
DIY Sauna Raft Back
DIY Sauna Raft Interior

Finland is well known for its large number of saunas and the culture based on this concept. So the fact that it has a floating sauna doesn’t really come as a big surprise. The sauna resembles a boathouse. It was built out of recycled wood and has a rooftop observation deck as well as a barbecue area and a hammock, all great for unwinding and relaxing regardless of the season. The timber gives the structure a warm look while repurposed plastic drums keeps it afloat. A small motor powers the sauna.{found on Facebook}.

Sauna Huginn & Muninn from AtelierFORTE
Sauna Huginn & Muninn from AtelierFORTE Exterior
Sauna Huginn & Muninn from AtelierFORTE Window
Sauna Huginn & Muninn from AtelierFORTE Interior

Italy has a pretty great sauna too. Situated in Piacenza, this small sauna was built here in AtelierFORTE in 2012. It covers an area of 25 square meters and it’s entirely handmade using spruce wood. The sauna is big enough for two people and is powered by a wood stove. The structure was raised off the ground and is accessed via a ladder. From up there it offers the most amazing views of the valley.

One Man Sauna by Modulorbeat Interior
One Man Sauna by Modulorbeat
Stairs One Man Sauna by Modulorbeat
Outdoor one man sauna

The One Man Sauna was designed as a temporary structure for an international city project and art festival. It was built in Bochum, Germany by Modulorbeat on the site of an abandoned factory. It was designed as a 7.5 meter high tower made of stacked precast concrete parts originally used on shafts. The interior is divided into a plunge pool area below, a sauna on a central floor and a relaxation room at the top. There spaces are linked by ladders.

Saunas and Pools in Atacama from Germán del Sol
Saunas and Pools in Atacama from Germán del Sol Exterior
Saunas and Pools in Atacama from Germán del Sol Covering
Saunas and Pools in Atacama from Germán del Sol - Concrete

Chile has its own share of impressive saunas. One of them can be found in the Antofagasta Region and was built here in the year 2000 by German del Sol. A series of saunas were built along water ponds, being reminiscent of the stone structures spread along the roads in Atacama. This site represents an oasis in a harsh desert and makes the most of its location.


Sauna in Ranco by Panorama Arquitectos
Sauna in Ranco by Panorama Arquitectos Exterior
Sauna in Ranco by Panorama Arquitectos Shower
Sauna in Ranco by Panorama Arquitectos Interior
Sauna in Ranco by Panorama Arquitectos Design

Another impressive project is the Sauna found in the Los Rios Region of Chile. Designed by Panorama, this sauna sits over a dark granite rock and has a terrace on the roof from where the views can be fully enjoyed. The exterior is clad in oak wood, a material chosen for its strength and ability to withstand harsh weather condition. The architects used a kind of cottonwood tree for the interior.


Oslo School of Architecture and Design Sauna
Oslo School of Architecture and Design Sauna -wood
Oslo School of Architecture and Design Sauna interio
Oslo School of Architecture and Design Sauna interior design

This seaside sauna was built by the students of the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. The project was named The Bands. That’s because the sauna is made of three wooden bands that follow the rocky terrain. This is in fact more than just a sauna. The design also includes a picnic terrace and a sunken hot tub. It was built on a site in Lofoten, at the end of a quay. This location gives it a more direct and strong relationship with the landscape.

Sauna Tonttu
Sauna Tonttu interior
Sauna Tonttu interior design
Sauna Tonttu reclaimed wood sauna

Sauna Tonttu is the name of the project designed by OOPEAA in Finland back in 2010. It’s only a 16 square meter structure but it has a lot of character. The design is inspired by the original 19th century barn present on the site. The barn was given a new function, being renovated and repaired. It has a new ceiling, a terrace and a bridge all made of spruce wood. The interior has a single open space where all activities take place.

Tiny Green-Roofed Arjan Sauna
Tiny Green-Roofed Arjan Sauna design
old red house in summer
Tiny Green-Roofed Arjan Sauna beach

The really cool thing about this sauna created by Swedish designer Jonas Wagell is the green roof. The design was inspired by the music of Finish singer Arja Saijonmaa and the sauna was even named in a way that reflects that: the Arjan Sauna. It’s a versatile structure which can be placed pretty much anywhere. It comes in 12 different models which focus mostly on functionality. The interior is minimalist and the small porch lets the users enjoy and admire the surroundings.

Floating Sauna
Floating sauna interior

The Rosendal community in Norway enjoys a really cool concept. It’s a Floating Sauna which can be reached via a rowing boat or by swimming. The concept materializes the connection between man and ocean. The sauna moves with the water and its walls are semi-transparent letting those on the shore know when it’s being used. This was a project done in cooperation with the art students from the Bergen Art Academy.

Little sauna design into the middle of forest
Little sauna design into the middle of forest view
Little sauna design into the middle of forest modern

Another great design celebrating the relationship between mankind and nature is the Denizen Sauna by Denizen Works. It was built in Sweden in 2010 as a response to the client’s desire to have a sauna on her disused boat shed. The designers came up with an idea that didn’t require planning permissions. They made the sauna versatile, meaning that it could be put on a boat and the boat put in the boat shed and during winter could be put on a large-scale sledge and towed onto the frozen water surrounding the house.

Sauna Box - Container
Sauna box
Sauna box interior

The interesting thing about this sauna is that it was built into a shipping container. The project is called Sauna Box and was developed by Castor Design. The structure is solar-powered and has a wood-burning stove becoming self-sufficient. The design can be customized to suit the site, its standard dimensions being 8′ x 8′ x 8′.

Mobile sauna
Mobile sauna view
Mobile sauna interior

The Surf Sauna was designed to provide warm refuge to surfers during winter. It’s a mobile sauna which can be towed onto the beach. It’s shaped like a large barrel and was built by a group of surfers and craftsmen from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. They used western red cedar wood and marine grade galvanized and stainless steel. This ensures it can withstand prolonged exposure to sea water. It can accommodate between two and eight people.