Luxury Musha Cay Resort in Bahamas

Bahamas is the most luxurious private resort island in the world, a wonderful place where everybody dreams of an exotic vacation. Those of you who love to take care of your moments of relaxation and entertainment usually pick up this sort of destination, in order to get an unforgettable vacation.

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Here on a surface of more than 150 acres of immaculate, white sand beaches, with crystal- clear turquoise waters and wonderful exotic vegetation there is Musha Cay Resort. This oasis of relaxation occupies 10,000 square foot situated on the crest of a hill.

You can take advantage of its 12 bedrooms and 13.5 bathrooms, freeform pool, Jacuzzi or the four hot tubs. This list may be completed by a private thatched – roof beach house, two guest villas with two bedrooms, a private outdoor Jacuzzis and beaches or a five- bedroom beachside villa. All its spaces are marked by the English colonial style architecture and West Indies style design. The huge columns and sculptures will surprise you with their grandeur and you may also notice the abundant use of massive wood all over the place.

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Besides all these facilities and comfort nothing will compare with the wonderful views of the exotic beaches and the turquoise waters.