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Seriously up Your Storage Space with a Kitchen Hutch or Kitchen Pantry

A kitchen hutch can be hard to define but one thing is for sure: Once you have one, you might wonder how you ever lived without it! Of course, some people aren’t even clear about what a kitchen hutch is: Isn’t it the same thing as a China cabinet

kitchen hutch has become increasingly popular

Not really, but there are similarities between the two and they both are super useful for storing and displaying household items. The kitchen hutch has become increasingly popular because homeowners are trending toward incorporating furniture styles in the kitchen. If you have the space for it, a hutch can be the most attractive option for extra storage, whether you choose a vintage piece or a brand new one. A kitchen hutch is also the easiest way to add storage space without remodeling!

Kitchen Hutch vs. China Cabinet

In general, a hutch is a multipurpose set of shelves or cabinets that sits on top of a lower section that is made of closed storage. This lower section can be cabinets or drawers, or a combination of both. Kitchen hutches are really versatile pieces that can be styled in different ways in almost any room in the house, but especially the kitchen.

The first versions of a hutch – generally in the 18th century and into the early part of the 19th century – included a tabletop that was installed atop a base. The tabletop could be swung upward to transform it into a chair or a settee: You could even call it an early version of space-saving furniture. Some early forms of the hutch also incorporated a desk.

Regardless of the style, today’s kitchen hutch has an upper section that features open shelving and/or cabinets with glass doors. These open spaces that are always on view are a great place to show off larger platters, your favorite crockery or stemware or often-used cookbooks.

On the other hand, a china cabinet is typically relegated to the dining room and is meant to protect and display formal dinnerware and serving items. They started showing up in England in the late 17th century when Chinese porcelain and décor items became popular. Later, by the mid-19th century, Dutch versions of the china cabinet became more popular. By now, the typical form of the china cabinet – similar to the kitchen hutch – is well known, with its glass doors and more ornate design. With the decline in formal dining, the kitchen hutch has become as popular as the china cabinet, especially among consumers who want the piece for storage more than for show.

Whether your style tends toward a more casual vibe or a formal flair, there’s a kitchen hutch that will work in your space. Check out these top options for a kitchen hutch, china cabinet and kitchen pantry:

1. Halstead 72″ Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

Braithwaite Storage 60 Kitchen Pantry

If you want to expand your kitchen storage, the Halstead 72″ Kitchen Pantry Cabinet is a good choice because it has the style of a kitchen hutch but not the typical open shelving in the top of the unit. This is especially useful when you need extra pantry space and have to store items that are not going to be attractive enough for open shelving. The cabinet is 72″ tall and is made of solid wood along with beadboard veneers that have been finished with wood scoring and rub through, which are both techniques used to give furniture a distressed look.

The hardware on the hutch complements the distressed wood because the silver knobs and cup pulls have a vintage flair and weathered appearance. Inside, both the top and bottom cabinets have adjustable shelves and feature magnetic closures. In between the two sections, an easy-glide drawer provides storage for small items that need quick access. the Halstead kitchen pantry cabinet doesn’t require any special maintenance. the manufacturer recommends that it be polished about every 6 months and the polish be rubbed in the direction of the wood grain. Buyers love this cabinet’s easy assembly and quality production.

2. Lisbon Solid Rubberwood Lighted China Cabinet

Braithwaite Storage 60 Kitchen Pantry

If you love your china and serving pieces, the Lisbon Solid Rubberwood Lighted China Cabinet will let you show them off in style. This is definitely a china cabinet in that it’s mean for displaying favorite items, from art pieces to family photos and, of course, fine china. The style is a bit more formal but not so much that it’s limited to the dining room. On the exterior, the china cabinet features intentional distressing that includes scrapes shaped like half-moons, scrapes in some edges, as well as random shallow nail holes in small clusters.

Made from solid rubberwood and finished in white, the cabinet top has two clear glass doors with elegant wooden fretwork. Inside,  adjustable glass shelves feature a finished wooden edge. Shelving has a height of 13.5 inches, which is tall enough to display lots of different china pieces, as well as a groove at the back to hold plates vertically. Each shelf can ho9ld up to 25 lbs. The interior of the glass cabinet is illuminated by 120-watt lighting to highlight the items and make the piece a focal point. Underneath, the two solid lower doors are the perfect place to stash all the items that are not quite as attractive.

3. Tristen Lighted China Cabinet

Braithwaite Storage 60 Kitchen Pantry

Equal parts pretty and practical, the Tristen Lighted China Cabinet has plenty of storage and a very on-trend distressed look. Inspired by pieces from the Arts and Crafts era, this china cabinet has the right style to fit into any room. Substantial and sturdy, the gray finish is versatile and the tall glass section ha loads of space for displaying objects, platters, glasses — anything you want to show. Grand but not ornate, the clean-lined cabinet is made from both solid and manufactured wood. The design features flattened bun feet and mullion glass side panels and doors, which close with cremone bolt hardware. No two cabinets are alike because the natural wood grain and color vary. Plus, the intentional distressing includes scrapes shaped like half-moons, nicks and scrapes in some edges, as well as random shallow nail holes. the overall finish features the techniques of wood scoring and rub through, which add to the distressed look.

Inside, adjustable glass shelves can hold up to 25 pounds and feature plate grooves at the back so that you can display plates vertically. For added flair, the interior is illuminated by lighting that has three dimmer settings, allowing you to control how much you want to emphasize the contents. At the bottom, two drawers provide extra storage for things that aren’t necessarily for display. Some assembly is required for the cabinet; however, reviewers say that it is minimal and rave about the quality and style of the cabinet.

4. Galyean China Cabinet

Braithwaite Storage 60 Kitchen Pantry

A rounded top gives the Galyean China Cabinet a softer silhouette but also a distinctive style. Its finish is a rather unusual antique iron metal that makes a dramatic combination with the glass doors. While it may look like metal, it’s actually crafted from solid rubberwood, along with hickory and pecan veneers that all feature a distressed paint finish with purposeful rubs and scrapes. Overall, the piece has an aged but refined look that will pair well with many types of dining tables and kitchen designs.

Inside, the cabinet has three glass shelves with a height of 12.5 inches and a plate groove at the back of each and interior lighting features a touch switch that allows it to be dimmed. The hardware on the cabinet sports an antique bronze finish. Behind the cabinet doors at the bottom, there is an adjustable shelf that can hold upon to 40 pounds. While the Galyean China Cabinet requires some assembly, it is not extensive and only involves the legs and shelves. Reviewers love the beauty, quality and distinctiveness of the china cabinet.

5. Stahl 72″ Kitchen Pantry

Braithwaite Storage 60 Kitchen Pantry

Expanding kitchen storage does not have to equal remodeling with the Stahl 72″ Kitchen Pantry. With a design that has traditional flair and clean lines, this kitchen pantry is a great fit, especially for today’s popular modern farmhouse kitchen styles. It’s ideal for a kitchen where storage, not display space, is a priority because it is fully closed. It features top and bottom cabinet sections with an ample drawer in between, which would actually be a useful piece in any room that needs more closed storage space. Buyers love the good looks and storage this pantry provides.

The Stahl pantry is made from manufactured wood with a reinforced particleboard backboard and includes the mounting hardware for attaching it to the wall for safety and added stability. The four shelves inside the pantry are adjustable and can hold up to 22 pounds, which gives you flexibility in what you store inside. Or, you can remove a shelf to create a larger alcove for a home bar or coffee station.  A large central drawer is perfect for storing silverware, knick-knacks, towels, or other household items that you want to be accessible while still hidden away. Full assembly is required; however, no special tools are needed — just a screwdriver.

6. Lewisburg 68 Kitchen Pantry

Braithwaite Storage 60 Kitchen Pantry

The Lewisburg 68 Kitchen Pantry will one of the hardest working pieces of furniture in your kitchen. In addition to the upper display cabinet, double drawers and lower closed cabinet, in between is a shelf specifically made to hold a microwave, coffee machine or other frequently used appliance. Clear off your precious countertop workspace and use this pantry for that bulk appliance. Country styling and plenty of storage space make this a popular pantry choice, whether you need to store dry goods or extra dishware. The back of the cabinet comes with a pre-drilled hole for the power cord, which is extra convenient.

Made from manufactured wood and MDF, the cabinet has an adjustable interior shelf in each cabinet. The upper cabinet doors feature paned glass to show off your serving pieces, cookbooks or other items. Full assembly is required for this pantry but all you need it a screwdriver and an allen wrench. The Lewisburg 68 Kitchen Pantry comes with a four-month limited warranty on the parts only.

7. Casale 59″ Kitchen Pantry

Braithwaite Storage 60 Kitchen Pantry

Many kitchens that need extra storage space may not be very roomy to begin with so the Casale 59″ Kitchen Pantry is the solution. This tall, slim pantry has a single door and straightforward look that can be used in any space. It can easily blend in with white cabinetry and it’ll look like it was part of the original plant. The pantry’s 16.41-inch width means it can turn a skinny dead space into a valuable storage area. While it’s ideal for kitchen storage, it’s also appropriate for expanding the storage options in any room of the home.

Made from medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and finished with a smooth white veneer, the tall cabinet sits atop four tubular legs, which have the option of being removed. The back of the cabinet is 3mm MDF and is finished only on one side. Inside the cabinet, there are four spacious shelves for stashing up to 60 pounds of whatever you need to store: kitchen essentials,  linens, toys or just random household items. The four shelves are fixed and not adjustable, which, along with the included tip restraint device, make it stable and secure. Full assembly is required.

8. Ville 61″ Kitchen Pantry

Braithwaite Storage 60 Kitchen Pantry

The Ville 61″ Kitchen Pantry gives you extra storage in small space, but with more style than a plain cabinet. This one is meant to stand out, not blend in, with its traditional styling and elegantly framed door with a beadboard panel. The closed storage lets you hide away anything from food items to extra kitchen necessities that you don’t otherwise have room to stash.

Made from both solid and manufactured wood, the pantry has a classic Carolina Oak finish. Inside, three adjustable shelves offer up plenty of storage space for items of various sizes. The back of the cabinet has a solid back. This pantry requires full assembly but does not include a tipover restraint device. Winston Porter’s Ville 61″ Kitchen Pantry is covered by a two-year product warranty.

9. Salina 63″ Kitchen Pantry

Braithwaite Storage 60 Kitchen Pantry

This kitchen pantry has true furniture styling and loads of space to store all sorts of items. In fact, the Salina 63″ Kitchen Pantry is versatile enough to go beyond the kitchen to any room of the home. The attractive front doors have decorative vertical accents that emphasize its stately nature. Tapered legs and a curve bottom rail add style, as does the accent piece at the top corners. The overall look as a slight farmhouse flair, which comes through in any of the three available colors: Cape Cod Gray, Antique White or Vintage Black.

Behind the two tall doors are three adjustable shelves and two fixed shelves, which help maintain the cabinet’s stability. The moveable shelves help accommodate bulky items or larger storage containers. The three adjustable shelves can be moved up or down to accommodate bulkier items while the two remaining shelves are fixed for stability. You can confidently store larger containers and kitchen supplies. The Salina Kitchen Pantry is made from engineered wood with a laminate finish, except for the back, which is not finished and will need to be placed against a wall. Full assembly is required for this kitchen pantry but the only tools require are a screwdriver and a hammer. A tipover restraint device is included with this piece and the cabinet is covered by a one-year warranty.

10. Aaronsburg 72″ Kitchen Pantry

Braithwaite Storage 60 Kitchen Pantry

The Aaronsburg 72″ Kitchen Pantry is another workhorse piece that adds more than just storage. In addition to the top display cabinet and bottom closed storage, the center section is designed for a microwave. This is an ideal kitchen pantry for a small kitchen because moving the microwave off the counter frees up a lot of valuable workspace. The two-tone design is also fresh and easy to incorporate into an existing kitchen design.

Made from manufactured wood, the exterior can be painted if desired. Depending on your color choice, the piece is finished in a combination of wood grain and white components. The upper cabinet has glass doors that will nicely display your favorite items while the lower cabinets will hide away anything from dry goods to extra dishes to kitchen essentials and lesser-used small appliances. Inside the cabinets, the shelves are adjustable, giving you flexibility for whatever you need to store, up to 100 total pounds in the pantry unit. A Phillips head screwdriver is all that’s needed for the pantry’s full assembly and a tipover restraint device is included. The Aaronsburg Kitchen Pantry is covered by a four-month limited parts warranty.

11. Anie 66″ Kitchen Pantry

Braithwaite Storage 60 Kitchen Pantry

A modified version of a kitchen hutch, the Anie 66″ Kitchen Pantry from Latitude Run has a variety of storage space, both closed and open. The pantry has a smooth white finish and a streamlined silhouette that will work in just about any kitchen — or any other room for that matter. Use it to store extra kitchen items or create a home for your microwave on the larger central shelf. It could also be your new coffee bar or drinks center — whatever fits your family’s needs. Loads of items can be stored inside the ample space of this kitchen pantry.

Made from engineered wood finished with a white melamine coating, the surface is low maintenance and easy to clean. The bottom of the unit has a double-door cabinet and three slide-out drawers for smaller kitchen items and utensils. The upper cabinets are of two different sizes and opening styles, creating a more interesting look. An anti-tipping design is used in the cabinet, but it can also be attached to the wall for extra security. Four feet on the bottom relevant the cabinet to keep it safe from any spills or other water on the floor. Full assembly is required for this item, which most customers have estimated takes up to three hours.

12. Lenore Storage 71″ Kitchen Pantry

Braithwaite Storage 60 Kitchen Pantry

A tall pantry with a bit of extra style can be the answer to more kitchen storage and the Lenore Storage 71″ Kitchen Pantry offers up both. Framed panel doors grace the front and are accented with contemporary door handles. the top and bottom have accent molding that adds flair to the design. Versatile enough for any room in the home, this kitchen pantry has plenty of room inside for food, kitchen accessories or small appliances. It even features cord access in the back panel if you want to plug in an appliance that you keep inside.

Made in the USA from both solid and manufactured wood, the Lenore Kitchen Pantry includes four adjustable shelves inside so that you can fit taller items. Full assembly is required for this cabinet and was noted by several reviewers to be easy to put together. It does not come with a tipover restraint device but is covered by a two-year warranty.

13. Nickolas 48″ Kitchen Pantry

Braithwaite Storage 60 Kitchen Pantry

Sometimes a pantry with a lower profile, like the Nickolas 48″ Kitchen Pantry, will do the job. This unit has a traditional look and features a framed, beadboard-look cabinet door. The shorter design is made for a microwave on the main shelf and ample storage behind the doors of the bottom cabinet. The top of the pantry has plenty of room to display an accessory, a vase of flowers or some prized cookbooks. It’s the ideal piece to make better use of dead space in a corner and move the microwave off of your countertop workspace.

Made from MDB finished with a paper laminate, the pantry looks just like wood, providing some warmth to your kitchen space.  If you don’t want to store a microwave in the space, it can be home to a new coffee bar or just store other countertop appliances. The back of the unit has a cord management hole that can be plugged if you don’t want to use it. Inside the bottom cabinet, the adjustable shelf can hold up to 25 pounds while the bottom shelf can hold 50 pounds, meaning you can store a good amount of necessities. The countertop space can also hold 40 pounds, as can the microwave shelf. The Nickolas Kitchen Pantry requires a Philips screwdriver and hammer for the full assembly. It is also covered by a 5-year warranty.

14. Milford 72″ Kitchen Pantry

Braithwaite Storage 60 Kitchen Pantry

Kitchen pantries also have a place in transitional style decor and the Milford 72″ Kitchen Pantry is a great example. The slightly rustic, aged finish on the toffee-colored pantry gives a warm touch to any kitchen space. The entire pantry features a finish that has aged cracks and distressing in the wood that has been applied by hand using wood scoring and rub through techniques. Drawer and door pulls in antique nickel complement the artistic finish and provide an accent. The pantry is also versatile  — and attractive — enough to be a focal point in any room.

Made from engineered wood finished with poplar solids and cherry veneers, the fully closed unit features cabinets at the top and the bottom, with a large drawer in the middle. Both the top and bottom cabinet sections each have two shelves that are fully adjustable, offering flexibility when it comes to the size of items stored. A central drawer unit is perfect for stashing smaller items and utensils. The Milford 72″ Kitchen Pantry is a large and substantial piece and reviewers say that it adds an excellent volume of storage space to help keep the kitchen tidy.  Full assembly is required and no warranty is offered with this pantry.

15. Braithwaite Storage 60″ Kitchen Pantry

Braithwaite Storage 60 Kitchen Pantry

When you need just a bit more storage space, a slim unit like the Braithwaite Storage 60″ Kitchen Pantry is a good choice. The clean-looking raised panel door and sides are stylish and versatile, as is its cinnamon cherry finish. Both features will let it mix well with existing kitchen decor. The slender profile is perfect for a smaller kitchen or a larger one that just has a small amount of space available thanks to its 18-inch width.

Made from manufactured wood, the Braithwaite Pantry has three adjustable shelves inside, which can hold 20 pounds while the bottom shelf can handle 30 pounds. You can also remove the shelves if desired. This allows you to store everything from food or cleaning supplies to extra dishes and small appliances. It comes with a tipover restraint device for extra safety as well as a one-year warranty. This kitchen pantry requires a screwdriver and a hammer for full assembly, which reviewers say is quite easy.

The kitchen is a top place in the home where most people wish they had more storage. No matter whether you choose a kitchen hutch, china cabinet or kitchen pantry, you’ll be able to easily add stylish storage space without remodeling or adding expensive built-in cabinetry.