Inspiring hobbit house in Trout Creek, Mont

Here’s a more unusual place to spend the holidays at, in case you wanted to experience something different and unique. Located in northwest Montana, the hobbit house is owned by a very friendly 63 years old man called Steve Michaels. He makes his living as a broker of telephone answering businesses, running a company called TAS Marketing with his 59-year-old wife and he owns the house across the road.

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The Hobbit House is definitely a big attraction. However, it’s not easy to get to. No matter where you live, this place is not close. But when you get there, a big hairy pair of slippers and a wizard’s hat belonging to someone named Gandalf await you. There you find out that the Hobbit House is a 1.000 square-foot structure built into a hill, on a 22 acre site filled with structures with dimensions varying from small to small enough to squash with your feet. Because the house is built into the hill, you can actually drive over it.

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Steve Michaels seems very happy now that he own this fun place. But until settling on this second job, he’s been a lot of different things like a hypnotist, the author of a self-published book called “How to die with a smile on your face”, a futurist and a llama rancher. So you can see that he likes unusual jobs and enjoys being different.

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If you want to spend the night at the Hobbit House you’ll need to pay $245 a night. For that money you’ll be able to enjoy an unusual décor as well as a very cozy and welcoming atmosphere.{found on nytimes}