Impressive Holiday Retreat In South Africa Facing The Distant Mountains

The Silver Bay residence is located in St. Helena Bay, in South Africa and was a collaboration between SAOTA, Antoni Associates & OKHA. It was designed for a young family and was meant to serve as a getaway destination for them and their friends. Given the proximity to the bay and the stunning views offered by the lot, one of the main requirements for the project was a strong connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

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The residence has an elevated entrance which was placed on the upper floor. This level was designed as a social zone while the lower level is where the bedrooms and the games room are located. This way the living spaces get the most beautiful views.

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The upper level is a continuous space which sliding glass doors connecting it to the pool area. The swimming pool is situated in the courtyard, sheltered from unwanted looks. It has direct access to the interior spaces.

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The living area, the dining space and the kitchen are all connected and share an open space. Each zone has its own interesting design elements. For example, in the living area there’s a fireplace with a conical-shaped chimney made of weathered steel which has a big visual impact on the decor of this particular area.

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The dining area features large sliding glass doors that connect it to the courtyard and the pool. The kitchen is right there too. The exposed timber and the thatch rood create a welcoming and comfortable ambiance. The ceiling lighting also helps define the space.

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The master bedroom and the recreation room are on a lower level, in the basement so to say. Here they benefit from lots of privacy and since this is no ordinary house, they get to offer beautiful views as well. They feature floor-to-ceiling glass wall and doors connecting them to the outdoors.