A Humble Yet Extraordinary Retreat Hidden Amidst Forests And Meadows

Hudson Woods is a beautiful retreat designed by Lang Architecture. It’s designed as a private but also refined collection of elements meant to make the most of their location and incredible views. Situated in Kerhonkson, 100 miles from New York, this is a wonderful getaway for anyone who seeks perfection in the heart of nature.

Hudson Woods exteriorView in gallery

Hudson Woods swimming pool viewView in gallery

The house is surrounded by forests and meadows and the ambiance here is as close to perfection as it gets. Add to that a modern design and all the amenities you need to make your stay here a one-of-a-kind experience and you get a wonderful balance.

Hudson Woods small window slidingView in gallery

Built using locally-sourced materials, Hudson Woods has a simple and authentic aesthetic with a modern and sustainable design. Small features like these sliding window panels give away the innovative design behind the project.

Hudson Woods deck viewView in gallery

A raised wooden deck sits parallel to the pool and offers the most beautiful views of the forest and all the magnificent beauty nature has to offer in this region.

Hudson Woods wooden doorsView in gallery

Humble upon approach, the house invites you to open the simple wooden doors one by one to discover just how charming it is inside.

Hudson Woods entryway hallView in gallery

Step inside and you’ll be greeted by a very simple entry hall with wood covering every surface and built-in storage for jackets, shoes and accessories. Leave everything you know behind and prepare to explore something completely unique.

Hudson Woods cozy sitting areaView in gallery

Hudson Woods cutting edge wood coffee tableView in gallery

Welcome into the cozy sitting area where an organic0edge coffee table placed in the center beautifully connects the rest of the décor. The light carpet with that sleek brown trim perfectly matches the window wall and the see-through divider lets you catch a glimpse of the staircase.

Hudson Woods open space floor to ceiling windowView in gallery

An open plan living, dining and kitchen area then lets you connects with the outdoors through floor-to-ceiling glass walls and large windows. The pool area is visible from here and a freestanding fireplace warm up the atmosphere.

Hudson Woods kitchenView in gallery

Hudson Woods wood material kitchenView in gallery

The kitchen features a marble island/bar that connects it and also separates it from the rest of the open plan. The dark green subway tiles contrast with the light wood and the open shelves harmoniously combine the two. The built-in appliances and storage spaces make the whole design look simple and clean.

Hudson Woods bedroomView in gallery

Hudson Woods bedroom1View in gallery

Step into the bedrooms for a little peace and quiet and you’ll be able to enjoy wonderful views of the forest through the large windows. The wood-paneled walls and ceiling create a very warm and cozy atmosphere and the textures were perfectly chosen.

Hudson Woods twin bedroom beds on wheels1View in gallery

Hudson Woods twin bedroom beds on wheelsView in gallery

A third bedroom features two single beds on wheels and a beautiful blue carpet. A small rocking chair placed by the window sets a lovely mood. The design is cute and playful with a few hints suggesting that this is a space designed for the children.

Hudson Woods desk above curtainsView in gallery

Long curtains matching the open shelves hide a secret corner space which could be a small desk area/ office space.

Hudson Woods tiny bathroom wood accentsView in gallery

The tiny bathroom is decorated with white and wood, a perfect combination. A hint of color in the form of accent lighting adds cheer and energy.

Hudson Woods garage turned into playroomView in gallery

Hudson Woods garage turned into playroom1View in gallery

The garage serves as a game and entertainment room with a casual sitting area formed of a wooden bench and a few simple chairs. The ping-pong table is the main attraction but not the only interesting element. Notice the canoe mounted on the wall and the darts board made of sliced of wood. A red fridge in the corner stands out with its color.