Hudson Park “Premier” Towels from Bloomingdale’s

Our lives are made of little things that are not very important if you take them separately, but they are really important if you take them together. It’s like having a beautiful home with a really ugly door or window. I mean the general aspect is completed by tiny details. So the subject that starts the day is about towels and they may seem unimportant but think about how you would feel after a hot long bath if you had to use a bad towel that does not dry you , but on the contrary, spreads the water all over your body? So the point is that a nice comfy bathroom must have good quality towels, too, and you can find them at the Bloomingdale’s for example.

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These are the Hudson Park “Premier” towels from Bloomingdale’s and they are perfect for any bathroom. They are thick and soft and are made of 100% Supima cotton, which ensures a high quality. They are pretty simple as design, being totally plain, having one colour and only four distinctive lines on the sides. These towels are now available in 16 colours, so feel free to choose the perfect ones to match your bathroom colour and design for just $19.99 (the original price being $25).