Hostel Golly±Bossy From A Shopping Mall To Hostel in Croatia

This colorful place is the Savo building and it’s located in the Split city center core in Croatia. The building was turned into a shopping mall somewhere in 2000 and in 2010 it was once again transformed, this time into a hostel. The project was developed by Studio Up / Lea Pelivan+Toma Plejić for client SAFIR d.o.o., Vukovarska 148, Split. The project covers a total area of 1360 square meters and the transformation was completed in 100 days.

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Some elements from the original building, meaning the shopping mall, were kept. These are for example the escalators, the elevator and the staircase. Then the space was divided by a system of walls with everything included, from beds to lavatories, showers and toilets. The current building is a combination of urban elements in a historic shell.

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As for the interior design, it’s very simple and futuristic. Even though it was meant to be minimalist and simple, the result is a very eye-catching structure. That’s mostly because of the bright yellow used for the public areas. I’m usually all for modern improvements and minimalist decors but in this case the color is not really what I had in mind. Still, considering that the main purpose was to turn this building into a contemporary and dynamic hostel, the results are exactly as anticipated.{found on arhcdaily}