Hawaiian Inspiration for a Beach Palm Patchwork Quilt & Sham

If you had a hard day and feel extremely exhausted, perhaps a good shower and a sweet nap would be the perfect antidotes for such a situation. You may go to bed, close your eyes and imagine that you have arrived on a beautiful and relaxing sandy beach where the cooling palm trees and the waves of the sea seem to make you feel like in heaven.

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It may be hard to do such an effort and imagine all these things when you feel so tired, but the right bedding may be helpful in this case.You can choose this relaxing and comfortable Beach Palm Patchwork Quilt & Sham that has sun washed prints on it. The design of this colorful bedding was inspired the vintage Hawaiian shirts that have always made you imagine that you are already on an exotic island with some garlands around your neck and dance on some Hawaiian rhythms.

The quilt made of nice cotton voile, filled with cotton will provide the maximum of comfort and relaxation, just like on a hot sandy beach, sitting under the shade of a nice palm tree and surrounded by some exotic and beautifully colored flowers. The colorful nuances of red, orange, white, blue and green and the lovely flowers create an optimistic and warm ambiance that will transform your bedroom into a relaxing and peaceful oasis. The set is machine washable and imported at an attractive price of € 40.84- € 205.43.There are also some other interesting details about this bedding in case you become interested in it.