Happy 7th Birthday, Homedit!

Leading interior design and architecture website Homedit is excited to be celebrating its seven-year anniversary. As a writing staff, we love homes, in whatever form they come in, and we want our readers to love theirs. Over the past seven years, Homedit has inspired, taught, and shared much of what we love in design with millions of readers. Our focus as a home design resource, however, has not simply been to post beautiful photos and inspiring articles. Homedit strives – daily – to help our readers in three primary ways: to discover, create, and learn.

Happy 7th Birthday Homedit Macarons Shoot
Happy 7th Birthday, Homedit!
Bright yellow couch and a geometric pink wall decor
Use a bright shade of yellow in combination with other neon shades such as pink or blue or orange.
Trussardi Cherries Brass Chandelier
Simple details and an array of natural and warm color such as cognac, sand, cocoa, petroleum and ecru combined with light grays, sage and mustard accents.


There is so much to discover about home design, style, and decorating. We love learning ourselves and sharing what we learn with our readers. One way our writing staff make it a point to be on the cutting edge of fresh design is by attending major design shows across the globe. This year, we have discovered great design worldwide.

Resource furniture at ICFF 2015 - Space saving furniture demo
No matter how big or small your home, you want to make the most of the square footage you have.
Resource furniture at ICFF 2015 - Space saving furniture demo open
Efficiently using all your space is a savings and a benefit. And, no need to take things off the shelf to lower and use the bed — love it!

We attended ICFF, New York 2015, in May. Some of our favorite discoveries at this International Contemporary Furniture Fair included innovative stick-bulb LED lighting, heated outdoor furniture, and (always and forever) space-saving furniture.

Fendi coffee table design at Miami
Unexpected combinations of different proportions and materials and the use of materials such as brass, fine woods and leather

Also in May, Homedit enjoyed experiencing the stylish display of form and color at The Maison&Objet Americas in Miami, FL. We discovered gorgeous and seamless furnishings that are simultaneously elegant and eclectic.

tension coffee table you can build
Customizable flatpack Tension table

During the 2015 May Design Series in London, we discovered that this trade show, even in its infancy at just three years old, offers plenty of innovative and clever designs – such as the customizable flatpack Tension table, which includes (among other great features) a flappable natural wood or marble top.

Jonathan Adler Chair With Eye Pillow

In a less structured way, Homedit also discovered fabulous design offerings by major home brands and boutique designers during a few days spent in the Miami Design District. One space we particularly enjoyed was Jonathan Adler’s store, full of playful accessories and something for everyone.

Coming up in 2016, Homedit aims to continue discovering and spreading the word about interior design and making a space feel like a home. We plan on attending many similar design events next year, including the international interiors show IMM CologneStockholm Design Week, Salone del Mobile in Milano, and again to ICFF in NYC.


One of the beauties of design is the fact that good design is as personal and unique as individuals are. What better way to create a space that you love to be in than doing it yourself (DIY)? Homedit enjoys sharing many guides and tutorials for awesome DIY projects…always with the goal to help our readers be able to create the stuff of their dreams.

Rolling cart storage
You’re ready to go find something to store under the bed (or sofa or desk) now, aren’t you? Good news: You can!

Stuff of dreams, for many of us, includes functional storage. Our readers can learn how to build these beautiful and practical rolling storage carts – one article, three different techniques are shown. Create this, and great items like it, following step-by-step guides with photos.

DIY Wire Desk Organizer
DIY Wire Desk Organizer

Not all DIY projects have to be in-depth and intense. During this year, we have broadened and expanded DIY article offerings to include the whole spectrum, from beginner to advanced creations. Readers can enjoy the satisfaction of creating something relatively simple and quick that have an amazing impact on the style of their spaces, such as this wire desk organizer out of fence wire.

Super Simple DIY Kids Bean Bag Chair: A Step-by-Step Tutorial
Super Simple DIY Kids Bean Bag Chair: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Few things in life require as much creativity as combining style with raising children. This year in particular, we have included ideas for incorporating great design into your life with kids, like this DIY on how to create a kids bean bag chair that’s both practical AND stylish.

How to hang plants
How to Plant a Professional-Looking Hanging Flower Basket

We understand very well that the home is not just comprised of what’s inside – it’s outside as well. So some of our DIY articles focus on how to create beautiful touches for the exterior, such as this one on how to plant gorgeous hanging flower baskets.


Homedit readers have enjoyed learning about a variety of topics over the past seven years. We don’t just write about design at Homedit. Homedit provides an education, of sorts, on home-related subjects – not just where to put your living room sofa (although that’s important!), but also about things like organizing your home office, cleaning your shower head, and learning about cutting-edge gadgets, to name a few. We, like our readers, love to learn!

How To Clean Your Shower Head Easily And Effectively
How To Clean Your Shower Head Easily And Effectively

One topic that our readers can cover in a variety of articles this year is cleaning. For example, in an instructive article about the importance of cleaning your shower head, we learn that regular cleaning of your shower head will not only keep bacteria at bay, but it will also improve the water flow.

Aromatic Wax Firestarters
Gifting the Scent of Christmas

Few things are more memorable in life than smells, and this is particularly true for certain seasons and holidays. Our readers can learn about the distinctive scents of Christmas, for example…and also ways to share those scents with others through handmade gift ideas.

How to Remove a Kitchen Tile Backsplash
How to Remove a Kitchen Tile Backsplash

Our readers are inspired by pretty pictures (who isn’t?), but they are also able to roll up their sleeves and learn how to bring that beauty into their own spaces. The educational article on removing a kitchen tile backsplash provides plenty of learning opportunities, for example

Choosing The Best Type Of Flooring For Dogs And Their Owners
Choosing The Best Type Of Flooring For Dogs And Their Owners

Real-life design sometimes involves things like dog hair or cat toys. We realize that reality is more than a perfect photograph, and we strive to help our readers learn about dealing with this kind of thing. Readers can learn about what flooring is best for dogs, for example.


Triadic Color Scheme: What Is It And How Is It Used?
Triadic Color Scheme: What Is It And How Is It Used?

We don’t want to overlook the academic aspects of design, of course. Want to understand the triadic color scheme, for example? You can. Knowing these things provides an excellent informational foundation for making beautiful spaces.

How to make a hexagon tray
DIY Hexagonal Tray – full tutorial here.
Happy 7th Birthday Homedit Macarons
Homedit wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the support of you, our readers. We appreciate you and your interest in, enthusiasm for, and appreciation of beautiful design.

Thank you! Here’s to another wonderful year.