DIY Wire Organizer For Desk or Closet

Craft this cute and customizable wire rack for your office or studio space. This budget-friendly DIY project is the perfect little spot to store colorful office supplies, notebooks for all your creative project inspiration, or magazines to jump start your creative process. Create this piece in any size to keep your workspace neat and organized! Read on for the full tutorial.

Wire Organizer
DIY Wire Desk Organizer Supplies

Supplies you’ll need for wire oranizer:

  • fence wire
  • heavy duty wire cutters
  • gloves (optional)
  • spray paint
  • cute notebook
  • straight edge (not pictured)
  • hammer (not pictured)
  • file (optional)

Instructions to build the wire organizer:

Step 1: Rolling process

Roll out, straighten (with your hands or a hammer), and cut a small piece of wire (with your wire cutters) down to a manageable size. You can create your rack in whatever dimensions desired to fit your space. You can start with a smaller piece and cut down in the last step if it’s easier.

DIY Wire Desk Organizer-Tutorial

Step 2: Cutting and bending

Once your wire is cut down to size, begin the bending. To create a short front, place the wire over a table with about 1/4 of it hanging off. Place a straight edge down in alignment with the table. Bend the wire down.

Step 3:

To straighten out your corner, hammer along the bend at the side of the table.

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Step 4: Edge corners

Next pull the wire another 1/4 of the way out from the table. Line up the straight edge again with the table.

DIY Wire Desk Organizer-Tutorial A

Step 5:

Hammer down the bend again to create another 90 degree angled corner.

DIY Wire Desk Organizer-Tutorial B

Step 6: Cutting excess

Once the bends are in place, use your wire cutters to cut off any excess as needed. If your cuts are sharp or jagged, use a file to smooth out the cuts.

DIY Wire Desk Organizer-Tutorial C

Step 7: Spray paint

Lastly, spray paint the rack with a few thin, evenly applied coats of spray paint allowing ample drying time between applications.

DIY Wire Desk Organizer Finished
DIY Wire Desk Organizer View
DIY Wire Desk Organizer Closer

Once the rack is dry you can use on your desk to hold your notebooks, planners, or magazines (our customized notebook matches perfectly). This piece can be free-standing or can be placed on the wall or closet with a few nails and a level (so long as your wire is heavy enough gauge to support your belongings). So get moving on this project to get organized!