How To Build A Side Table from A Tomato Wire Cage

Upcycle a tomato wire cage to create a modern side table base in just 3 easy steps! Accent your table with a bright hue to make this the easiest and cutest summer project yet! Use this piece in any room- next to a side chair or sofa in the living room, make 2 and pair as night stands in the bedroom, or pull one out on the front porch or patio to use when guests arrive to hold drinks! And best of all it’s budget friendly!

tomato cage side table
DIY tomato cage side table supplies

Supplies you’ll need for tomato wire cage side table:

  • wire tomato cage
  • wire cutters
  • spray paint
  • 14″ round piece of plywood
  • 8 small screws
  • 4 metal brackets or metal straps
  • drill or impact driver

Instructions to build a side table:

DIY tomato cage side table step 1

Step 1: Cutting process

Start by cutting your tomato cage down to size with your wire cutters. You will need heavy duty cutters as this wire is thick. Hold in place, apply pressure to your cutters and then bend to finish snapping off the wife. The tomato cage comes with 3 tiers and we cut ours down to 2 for stability. We used the small and medium sized tiers to create a smaller table. You can use the medium and large tier if you prefer so long as your wood piece is cut large enough.

DIY tomato cage side table step 2

Step 2: Spray paint

Spray paint the tomato cage with a bright and bold color. Use a few coats and allow proper drying time between each coat (dry time as indicated on the back of the bottle).

DIY tomato cage side table step 3

Step 3: Wood top

Once the paint is dry, attach the tomato cage to your wood circle. Lay the circle on the ground right side down. Place the wire tomato cage small tier down so that the larger tier will become the base of the table. Secure the tomato cage with the metal brackets (space out and around the circle) and screw in place with your drill or impact driver. Once everything is screwed in your table is complete!

Stage next to a chair or sofa to use as a quick side table. This piece is great because it’s light weight and easily moveable. A versatile piece that can be used in the living room or be quickly moved outside for extra table space!

DIY tomato cage side table
DIY side table
DIY wire side table
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