Beautiful Green Rooftop

I don’t know exactly what’s the exact percentage of people living in cities and in the country sides, but I know for sure that there are a lot more people living in crowded cities than in other countryside settlements. Given this fact a lot of people don’t see themselves surrounded by lush green vegetation on their everyday life.

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This thing might be an inconvenient for those who want to relax on a patio, pick their home-grown herbs or have an outside dinner. Luckily there are a few unusual ways to have your own “back yard” on the top of your apartment building. Some people have already done it and it wasn’t that hard, after you have figured out the space, of course. Diana Richards and her boyfriend Chris Miller turned their standard roof deck in a marvelous roof garden and a great place to hand out.

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Everything was done from scavenged, recycled or reused materials so the whole project won’t cost a lot of money. Their new place offer them the possibility to watch the sun going down to harvest their own vegetable and fresh herbs while spending time with their friends, all that in the heart of the city. They make their own compost and use ingenious irrigation systems for their plants to grow healthy on top of a building, but I think is worth all the effort. Don’t you?