Green And Modern Home With Rustic Accents And City Views

Ideally, architecture should have a positive impact on society and on the surroundings and some projects are very successful in this sense, each in its own way. Penthouse Ecopark is an interesting example from this point of view. It’s a home designed by ihouse in 2016.

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ihouse is an architecture and construction studio founded in 2007 by three enthusiastic and passionate friends with an interest in creating projects that could have a positive impact on their surroundings and that could inspire others to live differently.

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The home that caught our eye is located in the Hung Yen Province in Vietnam. It has an interior of only 90 square meters (969 square feet) but this doesn’t stop it from being very bright and spacious. Because the available space was limited, the architects had to be creative and to find original ways of optimizing it in order to create an interior as welcoming and as comfortable and functional as possible.

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Another one of their concerns was to maximize the views and to make the most of the small garden space. The garden was necessary, being requested by the client who wanted to add some green to the home in order to make it more enjoyable. It’s actually a rare feature for most of the homes in the area.

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The architects had to get rid of any unnecessary elements and spaces that would have made the house less functional as planned by them and the clients. They removed a few featured but they also added some.

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The style chosen for all the spaces is contemporary but there are noticeable influences from others such as rustic or industrial. The result is an eclectic décor with clean lines and elegant forms but also a lot of texture and materials such as brick or copper.

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To make the most of the interior space, the architects linked the living room, kitchen and dining area into a large open space. Full-height glass windows offer panoramic views of the city below and also let in an abundance of natural light, creating a very bright and airy atmosphere.

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At the same time, the low ceiling and the exposed brick wall give the social area a very cozy and inviting look which is also emphasized through elements such as comfortable seating, textured area rugs and ceiling spotlights.

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A ceiling-mounted fireplace in the corner add a subtle industrial feel to the space and makes the lounge area look really warm and cozy. We love the harmony and balance in this space and the way the earthy colors of the brick wall and the fireplace design are complemented by the light gray on the polished concrete floors and the cool blue shades featured by the rug and sofa.

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The kitchen is decorated using gray wood tones and a similar color is also featured by the staircase which stands between the kitchen and the entrance door. This minimalist approach turns the kitchen into a dark background for the more brightly-colored living room and the contrast is a very pleasant one.

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A lot of importance is given to the furniture in general. For instance, the coffee table in the living room, the blue tufted sofa but also the wall shelves and classic chairs in the dining room all stand out each in its own way. The beauty of each one is emphasized through subtle and pleasant contrasts such as the one between the rustic dining table and the industrial pendant lamps hanging above it.

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But the dining room hides another interesting and also really cool feature: a secret bookcase door. Behind this door there’s a study room which can also serve as a guest bedroom whenever needed. It’s a somewhat small but really cozy space, ideal for relaxing and reading a book or for working.

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The staircase we mentioned a while back leads to the upper floor where the private zone is situated. The bedroom spaces are placed at the center, being surrounded by areas such the dressing room, bathroom and walk-in closet.

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The master bedroom has full-height windows with views of the city and a glass railing which marks an opening in the floor which reveals the social area downstairs. The room is flanked by the bathroom and dressing room on one side and by an open terrace on the other.

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The bathroom has a really cool zen look featuring a wooden floor, green walls, large windows and mirrors and a double sink vanity. All these elements are beautifully distributed along the walls, leaving the center open.

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Penthouse Ecopark dressing room shoe storage

The dressing room is equally well-organized, featuring storage on the side walls and a small island cabinet at the center. Accent lighting highlights the beautiful golden hue of the wooden floor.

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The bedroom is separate from the terrace/ garden area by a series of custom pivot doors with wood and glass panels. A glass roof offers protection for the outdoor dining area while the lounge space is placed to the side, next to the outdoor jacuzzi.

Penthouse Ecopark terrace dining area

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