13 Glow-In-The-Dark Features That Light Up Your Nights

We’ve always had a fascination with things that light up the sky at night, by fireflies that light up the forest and by just about anything that glows in the dark. This fascination has been expressed through artwork, sculptures and numerous other interesting creations. Artists and designers are constantly finding new ways to work their magic and to light up our nights.

Cracked Log Lamps by Duncan Meerding Outdoor
Cracked Log Lamps by Duncan Meerding
Cracked Log Lamps by Duncan Meerding Collage

The Cracked Log Lamps designed by Duncan Meerding highlight the cracks in wooden logs using yellow LEDs. Each piece is illuminated from within and is very versatile, being able to serve as a stool, a table or an accessory. And because each log is unique and has naturally occurring cracks that never follow the same pattern, this makes each lamp unique as well.

Marco Stefanelli Cement
Marco Stefanelli collection
Marco Stefanelli Branch

Another designer, Marco Stefanelli, has found an ingenious way to use fragments from sawmill scraps, fallen tree branches and cement fragments. He removed pieces from these elements and replaced when with resin embedded with LEDs. This way the branches and the wood and cement fragments retain their original forms but get to look unique.


Judson Beaumont uses tree trunk slices to create a series of colorful, glow-in-the-dark pieces which can serve as small side tables, stools or light fixtures. They’re called Tree Rings and they’re topped with mirrored Plexiglas. The lights embedded in the trunks shines through creating interesting visual effects.


Fullmoon is the name of the sideboard that Sotirios Papadopoulos created for Ennezero. It looks quite amazing even when it doesn’t glow in the dark and that’s because the moon is depicted on it. So, day or night, this piece of furniture will unmistakably stand out.


The Bright Wood collection by Giancarlo Zema includes a limited edition of 120 stools and 60 coffee tables, all made from wood and resin and featuring integrated LED lights. When they light up they create mesmerizing visual effects.


If you want to add a bit of spark to the bathroom, Italian company Masto Fiore offers an interesting solution. They designed a series of countertops made of natural alabaster stone. Their shape and color can be altered and customized from black to glowing white and they feature integrated lighting that highlights them in a dramatic and artistic way.


Although it’s quite interesting to have glow-in-the-dark furniture and accessories inside the house, they tend to be more useful outdoors. The Pillow collection that Stefano Giovannoni created for Vondom is simple, modern and elegant. It lights up the porch or garden without needing any addition help. The collection was inspired by pillows and, as a result, the chairs, stools and tables feature soft curves and delicate lines.


There’s no definite way to say whether this is a floor lamp or a chair since it can easily be both. The piece is part of the Sabinas collection designed by Javier Mariscal. It has a fluid and organic shape with soft curves and a beautiful silhouette. Use it indoors or make it a part of your outdoor décor.


The illuminated Vas planters from the Serralunga collection are the type of accessory which can make any terrace, entryway or garden stand out at night. The planters double as light fixtures and can be placed strategically in specific areas where their double function would be most useful.

Cool White Frosted Glass

Another dramatic and eye-catching way to light up a walkway is with frosted glass solar brick paver lights. They have built-in LEDs and a textured design and they automatically light up at dust. There’s also a power button on the bottom of each brick for conserving energy when it’s not needed.Available for $16.

Eco-friendly pebble lighting

A versatile solution for both interior and exterior spaces is offered by Core Glow. There are numerous different uses for these colored glow-in-the-dark beads, stones and pebbles such as in concrete countertops, backsplashes, fish tanks, pathway edging, potted plants, ponds, walkways or driveways.


If you like the idea of having furniture or accessories that light up at night, you can also try a few DIY projects. For example, you can make a resin-inlaid wood countertop, table, desk or shelf The first step is to seal off the holes from the bottom using aluminum plumber’s tape. Make sure the wood is level and then mix the resin. Add the pigment so it glows in the dark and then pour it in. Give it a few days to harden and then peel off the tape. Sand down the edges and the surface and seal the whole piece.{found on shinium}.