Glamorous Pacific Hillside home by Sutro Architects and Kendall Wilkinson

This is a classic San Francisco residence that underwent an update. The project was developed by Sutro Architects in collaboration with interior designer Kendall Wilkinson. Most of the changed took place at the level of style and interior décor. Most of the original details of the residence were preserved. The clients didn’t want a total update. They just wanted to make their home look more modern but to also be able to recognize it behind all the changes.

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Structurally, there wasn’t much to consider. The architects opted for an open plan for the kitchen and living room. It was a decision based on functionality that would also allow the bay views to be admired.

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The color palette is serene and delicate with pastel tones. There’s a very interesting and beautiful balance between casual and formal areas that were combined in a seamless way. The transition between these spaces is smooth and the interior decors create a continuous look with variations and alternating decorations.

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There are many beautiful architectural details throughout the residence and most of them were part of the original design. The furniture is traditional with modern insertions and the decorations are glamorous. There are many different textures, patterns and finishes that were harmoniously combined. The colors are also very beautiful and they create a serene and calm atmosphere.{found on houseofturquoise}.