Five-Star Rayavadee Resort

Situated in the ‘Krabi National Marine Park’ the Rayavadee luxury place is the perfect place for a vacation in royal style. You will reach the location with a yacht. Once you get to the Rayavadee, cold cocktails will wait for you in a dream place, surrounded by trees and water. You’ll feel disconnected from the world in a setting that will lead your mind that you’re the last man in the world and you are rewarded for it.

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Located in the Southern of Thailand the place has three beaches: Nam Mao Beach, Railay Beach, Phra Nang Beach. You can enjoy here some of the best rock climbing experience, and of course if you want more adrenaline you can do some deep-water-soloing (This sport implies you climb on a sea cliff, with no ropes. You’ll just fall in the water). You can do here scuba diving and in the afternoon you will witness one of the best sunset experiences.

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The Rayavadee is an award winning eco-resort, and one of the members of ‘Leading hotels of the world’. You will share your time along tropical animals like: monkeys, tropical birds and bats. The hotel rooms are very beautiful filled with traditional Thai items. You can enjoy a dish like ‘Bur Thod’ or ‘Larb Pla Muek Hoy Shell’ which are traditional for the place. It seems like you’ve stepped into a magical place and you are now on your little piece of heaven!