Extreme Simplicity And A Very Inviting Design For This Mediterranean Retreat

Located in Costa Brava, this beautiful house is a wonderful vacation home. Its design screams beauty but, at the same time, it’s extremely simple. The traditional construction of the house along with the nicely chosen details and accents make this a very inviting and cozy space, perfect for relaxation. The location is very nice as well. Sitting on the beach, the house has that relaxed feel that most beach houses do.

Ice cream interior

The vacation home is minimally decorated and this makes it feel very refreshing. Moreover, the design and structure are also perfect. The outdoor dining area is a wonderful feature. two benches with cozy cushions and a simple wooden table await the guests and invite them to socialize and to have a good time.

Ice cream interior1

Ice cream interior2

The interior of the house is also charming. The white walls create an airy and neutral background and also make the rooms feel bright and spacious. The overall décor and design are traditional.

Ice cream interior3

Ice cream interior4

Ice cream interior5

Ice cream interior6

Ice cream interior7

Ice cream interior8

Some of the furniture pieces have been recycled and repurposed and this gives them and the house character and charm. It’s a great way of giving something a second change. The main façade of the house is overlooking the sea so the views are also wonderful.

Ice cream interior9

Ice cream interior10

Ice cream interior11

The tiled roof and the wooden beams along with the narrow windows also let us know that this is one of those traditional houses that have a rich history and a strong character. The interior is simple, featuring bright colors and an open feel. There’s also that rustic touch that makes the house even more inviting and charming.{found on micasarevista}.