Elegant residence in Madrid renovated by Luis Door

This is a modern and elegant home located in Madrid. It has been recently renovated and it got an updated look. It’s now a lovely home, with lots of colors and textures. It was a renovation conducted by Luis Door and the results are exceptional. The living room is particularly interesting. It has large windows overlooking the garden and two parallel sofas. The furniture is simple, casual and very comfortable. The living room also has a beautiful coffee table and a fabric pouf that adds color and texture to the design.

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The combination of materials, colors and textures is a real work of art. It takes talent to do that and it’s not easy when you have to work with an already existing décor. Besides the beautiful furniture, the residence also features several art pieces. For example, the living room has a beautiful abstract painting signed by Joaquin Capa and a sculpture by Curtis Jere. On the hallway there’s another similar painting, this time by Paul Palazuelo from Fernández-Braso gallery.

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Some of the furniture pieces were purchased from antique shops. It’s the same for several decorations and accessories. They add style and character to the design. The dining room is separated from the living room by sliding doors. These two areas can always be connected to form a larger common space. The kitchen has white walls and limestone floors. The chairs are green and stand out in the décor. The kitchen has a floor-to-ceiling glass walls that connects it to the garden.

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The residence also includes an office or work area. It features simple and matte lacquer furniture and it’s a space connected to the kitchen. The bedroom is spacious and inviting. It features a pair of mirrored panels and a comfortable bench. The whole house is elegant. It’s a nice combination of color and texture.{found on nuevo-estilo}.